Old friend charged with 1st degree murder

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  1. I met this kid in a summer program in my high school in my sophmore year. I mean i talked to this kid a lot. I never really talked to him again after the summer program ended but I heard he got kicked out of our high school for smoking weed in the locker room.

    I heard some other stuff about him but don't want to say anything else on here but lets just say he was into some crazy shit.

    Well found out yesterday hes in jail for 1st degree murder and resisting arrest without violence.

    Crazy shit man. Can't believe i was friends with some kid who later became a murderer. :confused:
  2. thats pretty nuts dude

    could u have seen him killing someone the whole time u knew him?
  3. Sophomore year was a long time ago he could have changed but back then no.
  4. If you read the last sentence your question is answered.
  5. guess who he's coming for next after he gets out...maybe an old friend who didn't keep in contact with him as much as he should have...:eek::smoke:
  6. hehehe :hello:
  7. i want to know what other crazy shit he was into...
  8. crazy shit man.... it happens tho. my best friend in high school shot his gf in the face with a 12 gauge and then killed himself. never woulda thought he would have done that... some ppl just snap
  9. no one ever suspects and its always a shock, why? because issues that drive someone to do such a thing, or even having the thoughts about taking a life are issues you don't share with others. which sadly is the downfall of many.
  10. those kids arent hard, theyll find out the definition of "hard" when a hard cock or hard blade goes into their body in their new home for the next oh..idunno... LIFETIME.(well at least 20yrs)

    like 4 dudes beat down a 65 yr old rentacop whos minding his own business, the 65 yr old dies from the beatdown BECAUSE HES 65! nah..these guys aren't hard.
  11. damn i must be the only guy who sympathizes with murderers gettin locked down.
  12. Man, you cant judge a book by its cover. Any of your friends could do ANYTHING. We aint in other peoples heads, so we just dont know.
  13. LoL....Wait'll you join the Mob er... I mean a close family and a strong group of "friends".....you'll find yourself associating with people that kill, steal and deal....watchin all of them go away ...i lost count of my boyz and maybe one girl making the local paper...then i've got an even longer list of crew members being victims ...getting their faces blown off and shit, one went away for 2yrs for joyriding then gets out and dies right after that for drunk drivin..he ran into a brick wall some say he was celebrating his release... i used to cut out the newspaper clippings and save them..then in the process of moving from one state to another i lost'em...:confused:
  14. One of my guys recently got boned for Possession and Underage drinking...But that hasnt stopped him...at all. Lol
  15. shit mans thats tough but i know how you feel.

    i used to hang out with a guy that ended up murdering my cousins cousin.

    hes now serving 25 to life
  16. No one, with any Mafia, would use the term "boyz" or have a "crew" instead of
    1) Superiors
    2) Equals (Among whom he would try to be first)
    3) Subordinates
    OR be glad to have made the newspaper, OR, most likely, use a Marijuana forum to talk about his "family" activities.

    At least, I would hope so. Because someone that stupid...would go on holiday. Permanently. So I REALLY, REALLY hope you're just throwing out macho bullshit, because your "Mafia" (sounds more like a gang to me, if it exists) is gonna be pretty pissed at you, or, more likely, will die or get arrested...As you say, many of them already have...Not very successful criminals, are you? And I'm Second generation Sicilian, so I must be "A friend of ours" :rolleyes:.
  17. i have a friend i used to fight with on the bus before school, anyways we were pretty good friends up until high school. then i started talking to another old friend who just got out for armed robbery and told me how our other friend is in jail for murder. him and three other friends, apparently he never murdered the cab driver but no one will talk so they're all in jail currently.
  18. Yeah I know a few dudes that've killed people, known a few people that've been murdered, it sucks no matter what. I might know more people dead or locked up than I do alive and free, its pretty fucked up.
  19. I dunno where you live but theres more gangs with mafia in their name than some italian dudes bra. You ever heard of BMF for example? Theyre not some small operation.

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