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Old city, love it

Discussion in 'General' started by 420gamer4life, May 28, 2009.

  1. Okay, so i smoked a little and i was getting bored, so i was stumblin around the internet and found an Internet Time machine, now i decided to look back at the city back when it was a mere village, 12-02-2001 at 09:00 PM to be exact, and i must say, i think the old city looks pretty sexy!
    Anybody else like the old city alot???
    I find it funny there was barely 1000 members and only 10,000 posts.
    I was just wondering if today's city is anything like what any of those original 1000 members envisioned for the future of GrassCity?
  2. Wow, thats pretty fuckin cool man.
  3. I just love seeing this:

    Record number of users at once: 22 - 11-26-2001

    Most users ever online was 6,247, 04-26-2009 at 07:23 PM.


  4. I wonder when the last time there were less then 22 members online was...
  5. ahhhh nothing like going back in time to see what your favorite porn site use to look like lol :p
  6. I bet it was badass at that time.
  7. Damn, we hella expanded in the section category haha. I'm willing to bet that posting in the wrong section was damn near impossible back then. Hell now this thread is probably in the wrong section haha
  8. I will bet that the city is pretty much NOTHING the originals thought it would be
  9. Is GC really all that bad? I mean I get to read some really interesting posts, and for the most part people are usually chill/hilarious/weird, all good things haha

    I'm sure the Old city was awesome, but I like this one just fine :D
  10. Nobody's complaining about the modern city, just looking at what it used to look like
  11. ^ Yup there's nothing wrong with present-day City!!
    But that's a cool website man, that time machine.


    google beta, from 1998!
  12. Damn, i wish i could go foward, that would be the shit

  13. just thinking outloud dude :)
  14. thats cool.
  15. I'd go as far as to say i like it better
  16. You mean because of the negative vibes nowdays? Well that's the price you pay for having 150000+ members..
  17. Not only that, the amout of people breaking the rules, lying, trolling, and posting useless shit is off the charts, we should have an IQ test to join the city.

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