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  1. k so i found these ativan pills that were givin to my ma in march 31/07.
    you think they would be alright to take if they were over a year old?
    there 1mg.

    thanks for the help GC

    Peace & Keep Tokin

  2. Yeah theyre good.
  3. they should be fine.

    after expiration some pills lose potency, but that usually takes a few years.

    Those pills are prolly just like new.
  4. aight thnx guys
    also, what am i to expect off 2 mg's of this stuff?
  5. not much, lorazepam never did it for me unless i took a big dose, but everyone is different. maybe you'll feel something if you dont mess around with benzos that much...i dunno...good luck.
  6. wut if i had just drank a couple beer and a cigarette?
    will that alter the effects?
  7. what he said
  8. wut if i popped two before a family dinner???
    would i be too fucked for me to seem straight?
  9. Don't pop 2 before a family dinner. I have much experience with Ativan's, and I can do 1 in said situation, but 2......

    Yeah I recommend against it, wait until after family time to get completely faded, just in case.
  10. it feels like xanax or pretty much any other benzo..there isnt much euphoria or anything unless you drink on them or do opiates. id pop a couple drink some beers and smoke to get the most out of it. otherwise you just feel kinda relaxed and carefree, and youll probably wanna just chill and sleep.

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