Old age

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  1. Well, a few days ago, I was wandering through the woods with a pal when we came across a man in his 50 (51 he told us later) and we got to talking. We spent a while, helped him out with his fire, some logs, and some fishin, and he offered to smoke a bowl. Well, over the bowl he got to venting, venting about his life, how he wasted it, how he lost his love, his friends, his body, and how now, his only solace is coming to the woods to get away from it all. He was the loneliest person I've met in a long time, and as we spoke, a poem formed in my head. Here it is... whattya think?


    Youth, it leaves the body flying
    Soul is soaring
    And heart is dying

    Memory, it leaves the body sighing
    Seeking solace
    But not complying

    Love, it leaves the body trying
    Reaching out
    A kiss for buying

    Friends, leave the body once relying
    Lonely now
    Yet still denying

    Strength, it leaves the body vying
    No control
    And yet defying

    Life, it leaves the body lying
    Face up, lids down
    A child crying​
  2. i like it, particularly because you have a personal experience and actual person that the poem is based on, good work man.
  3. sweet man..wish you could have made him less lonly..:) :(
  4. Cool story , That sounds like something out of a movie. The poems good too, alot of meaning.
  5. I hope I did, if only for a short while.
  6. Very cool, man!

    I'm sure it helped him to have you in his presence.
  7. Wow, that was a beautiful poem. It was pretty painful to read though... how can we reach old age and not look back without any regrets? We're all doomed to lose the ones we love and to watch as our youth slips away from us.

  8. It is painful, and it was sad to write. Everywhere I go, I see people desparately holding on to their youth, and the sad part is, its loss is always inevitable
  9. its hard to see lonley people..i hope you shed some light in his little world

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