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  1. this hot biddy from my schools givin me a chance to take her on a date to this thing and i want to make her like me shes coming to my house first and we are gna blaze and pregame some vodka mabey becaause its a town fair thing and then idk what to do how should i reel this one in guys ive always had a small crush for this girl but now ive decided that i need to tap that
  2. So your plan is to get her high and drunk? cool.
  3. ya that is a cool plan if u think about it bro around here we party hard idk about u im just looking on advice on how i can make this girl want me more
  4. Maybe you should slip her some roofies, then she'll want you bad.
  5. ya i could but im not that desprit
  6. Look brah all im saying is that babes dig roofies. Trust me on this.
  7. lol @ this thread
  8. sweet post bro hate on a guy tryin to get some i bet your not in a much better sitchuation... bitchs bro
  9. So your going to be with a high drunk chick and don't know how to tap that when shes in that sitatuion:rolleyes:
  10. I say fuck the town fair, or whatever you're going to. Stay at home, blaze, get drunk, get some pussy, wake up in the morning and...

    hit it again.
  11. If she wants to hang out and party with you that means she prob already likes you a little bit, especially if it's going to be just you and her. So just don't do anything obnoxious, be funny and cool and ask her questions and keep the conversation going and things should go well. Just be at ease and be yourself, she will feel that and it will be a good time for both of you.
  12. For the record I was lol'ing at the exchange between the OP and Magic. At least use correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar if you are going to diss on my three word post that you can't even comprehend. You don't even know me so don't throw around insults like that over the internet like a 12 year old behind a keyboard.
  13. Lol at the OP. :p
  14. Maybe if you're real quick you can tie her up and gag her.
    Then you'd be able to tap that all you want.

    Girls dig that spontaneous shit, bro.
  15. I would bang you if I was a chick and my night started out that way... just saying.
  16. yeah but make sure you get alcohol in her. thats whats important if you want to get with her haha
  17. Don't listen to these clowns, alcohol is for trash.

    A classy lady will want roofies.
  18. roofie colada, anyone?
  19. Just kill her
  20. you've been no help at all in this thread, you're replies aren't funny at all. gtfo if you're going to act like an asshat

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