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    theres nobody in relationship thread, so i'm just goin post in here
    so i can get some feedbacks
    and i know this site is not for relationship,

    do u guys ever have hard time keepin a chick??

    i'll give u a story..that usally always happen to me (this is fake story)
    goin to the mall with couple of my friends, then i saw this chick, she seems kool so i deciced that i'll go and talk to her, talkin end up like 30 mins, got her phone #, couple days later, text her to see whaz up, and talk over textin, then a week later, text her to see if she wanna chill? she said sure, then go out and do something, a week later, text her to see whaz up, she text back but dont wanna chill with me anymore...later, she stop texting

    that what always happens to me :/

    findin a chick is easy thing to do but keepin a chick is like impossible for me
    any tips how to keep a chick??
  2. Back them up on a CD before you turn off your computer.
  3. Why do people come here for relationship advice?
  4. just have to find the right one man

    a lot of girls are drama queens and don't know what they want

    you want a woman

    and don't be overwhelming
  5. yep, what bleezie said.
  6. You got siblings and i don't like it!!!
  7. hahaha
  8. Stop asking them so much you will look creepy and text her but dont over do it
  9. Happened to me a lot when I was looking for a girlfriend. Finally a girl came along who doesn't play no fucking games like that, and I've been more or less in a relationship for her for 2 1/2 years now. We got our ups and downs, but shit's real legit, no games, just honesty, communication, trust, EPICCCC!!!

    Good Luck OP.
  10. Keep at it man dating and love often is a numbers game. I am an older dude and there is no mystery to it that I've found. No idea if this is true but something my grandfather told me when I was very young was when you talk think twice as long as it takes to say what your going to say before you say and in my opinion this is even more true pertaining to dating.

    Good luck man I'm sure you'll find a match someday if you keep at it.

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