Okay this may sound stupid

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  1. This may sound stupid but.. I've been in love with my best female friend for the past four years. We dated a while back and it was a nasty breakup and I'm definitely friend zoned. But now she has this boyfriend who treats her like crap -- hits her, calls her fat, calls her a slut -- and I hate seeing it. But what I hate even more is how much it hurts knowing she somehow loves this guy despite the fact that I am obviously in love with her and I would treat her great. It's like.. she thinks this guy is better than me or something.. I dunno, it hurts.

    I want to stay friends with her but I don't know if I should just move on... or if I should just stay friends with her. Thoughts, Grasscity? Cool story bro? Some actual advice? :eek:
  2. sounds like she may have feelings for you that, she may not want to convey to you, or just doesnt want to feel. idk
    like shes lying to herself witch in turn makes her make stupid decisions. ive dealt with shit like this beforei nmy own relationships. its retarded.
    i wish i knew more.
  3. You might want to move on and find a chick who will appreciate you.
  4. Nah I appreciate any thoughts on it that might help me make sense of the situation you know? I know she loves me but it just seems at least on the surface that she loves this guy more which I can't wrap my head around. He's a douchebag.

    Yeah maybe.
  5. Maybe shes afraid to convey her feelings to you because shes afraid her boyfriend might hit her/treat her like shit. Or you should just ask her whats up and if shes actually interested in you wait around but if not move on man.

  6. but she could just be, like i said, lying to herself to make it look differently to you, because she might have feelings for you. so it may look that way.

    feelings make people do stupid shit man hahaha

    most level headed people dont enjoy being treated like shit in relationships. thats for the bed. for those people hahaha
  7. If she has a boyfriend sounds like she moved on already, so I don't see the point. Its not like shes forced to stay with this dude.
  8. Yeah I know.. I don't disagree. :( I will say that I'll never understand a girl wanting to be with someone who treats her like shit over a guy who would treat her like his exact equal.
  9. Im in the same situation as you op except she hides her bfs from me.you should tell her how you feel straight up if she still stays with the other guy move on
  10. she likes it. story cool op bro
  11. She knows I love her and I know she loves me but she's still with the guy. That's the thing. I'm stuck here. If I move on, I lose even the friendship with her. But if I stay, I get hurt over and over watching her be with this prick.

    I almost just wanna kick his ass and move on.
  12. Classic friend zone scenario. Guy likes girl, girl doesn't like guy, guy sticks around sulking while the girl is getting pounded by her boyfriend and cries to you after. Do yourself a favor and drop that chick because all you are doing is hurting yourself and holding yourself back. Find a new girl, because she is obviously done with you.
  13. Depends on the friendship...I'm not one to ever recommend losin' friends simply because they are not easily replaced, regardless of what some people may say, that same relationship will never happen again.

    So, I guess, it depends on whether you truly want to be friends with her or not...I'd stick around at least for that, of course, I also would have stopped by and said "Hi" to her boyfriend...But I think I have a problem with women gettin' abused, never saw a point to it I suppose.
  14. [quote name='"nanners"']If she has a boyfriend sounds like she moved on already, so I don't see the point. Its not like shes forced to stay with this dude.[/quote]

    Oh but on the contrary my friend, she could be. There have been several cases of people having something known as Stockholm Syndrome. Basically the gist of it is, the reported cases generally state that the captive will fall in love with their captor even if, actually, especially if their captor treats them like shit. This person gives them a sense of belonging, as their captor shuts out the other options or things they could be involved in. In short, she could feel trapped and is too afraid to leave, regardless of her feelings for the OP.
  15. Come on man, it's not like I'm still 'sulking' or whatever. I'm way past the breakup. I do still love the girl because when I feel something for someone it is rare and it is true, it's not a lie like it seems to be for most people these days. I can't just say "poof, I don't love her any more" and go fuck some other bitch and say I'm in love with that new bitch. It doesn't work that way for me.
  16. Stay friends with her but get a girlfriend on the side. Oence she finds out your spending time with the new girl shell be throwing herself at you.
  17. Dude take her away. Be her savior.
  18. I'd love to, Zowie. I'd marry this girl if I could. :cool:
  19. wow... you are jumping to motherfucking conclusions here. that would be one huge mistake, you hardly know this girl and you have your entire life ahead of you... why forfeit it all just for one girl that doesnt even like you the way you like her? like it has been said, best to move on and find a chick who likes you for you. this one has some issues

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