Okay someone tell me if micro-sized white jumping bugs are a problem? HALP!!!

Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by GrimloxK, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. Hey buds...I know this should be in the pest section...but since i'm in soil I thought i'd bring it here.

    I'm using roots organics soil and I haven't noticed these small jumping bugs before but I took a close look at my soil today after watering and I noticed these guys jumping around like mexican jumping beans. This is the first time i'm experiencing an insect manifestation besides stupid gnats sometimes.

    Could someone tell me the severity of this problem, what to do and what would be the appropriate course of would be?

    Any info and advice is appreciated.


  2. Google spring tails, and see if that is what you have. If it is they won't hurt your grow. Soil mites and spiders are cool, too......MIW
  3. MI thanks for the response and upon further review they are springtails...is a large population something to be concerned about?

    I read that they can be beneficial...basically eat dead organic matter and are typically found in worm bins...hope they do me some good.

  4. I'ved noticed since using a heavy mulch I'm seeing a lot more bugs. I trapped some in a swift move with a pill bottle, I had a good look. Most were spring tails, so when I looked I got the same info you got. I'm happy they are helping the mulch break down. If their food was gone, they'd disappear I suppose.....MIW

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