Ok...you people want to hear my Phuck up!!!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by unoit, Jun 19, 2004.

  1. HIGH All, ok sitting here reading and then reading some more..I thought I might let you All in on something...well I killed 5 of my 7 I had growing in my room..no I'm not proud or showing O.F.F.F. I negeleted my girls and I...NO...we're going to pay the price for my Phuck up.

    How did this happen you ask?????

    Well first ME!!!!

    I have these moments (All brought on by yours truely) where I go into a drunk...oh I work hard everyday..it's after work is where the problems lies or would that be lyes..whatever..it's non stop till I go to bed, shit sometimes I wake up and I'm still feeling it. Today went and visited my Dad....pppssssttt 9:00am on the button a pussy is opened...I'm up a 4:00 5:00am...working or not, some may say I have a problem...I do!! I can't get enough!

    Just letting some know that don't matter who you are or who you try to be...we All Phuck up and no one can Phuck up like me!!!!.

    Ok hitting the button now................
  2. Ya not robinson cruiso my friend.:D
  3. That sucks dude, but I can't even start to tell you all the stupid things I've done when I'm drunk.

    I had to make a promise to myself to never go in my grow room drunk. I know I'd be the first one to start experimenting with (as in breaking) things.

    Well, anyways sorry dude. And do you think there's anyway you could snag up some clones from a buddy or something to catch up? Are you trying to make a deadline?

    Hope it turns out well, and don't beat yourself up. Everybody done something when they were drunk they regretted. Like driving their first car into a pond.
  4. Yeah when i am really drunk i stay away from the growroom and the glass bongs, i always break shit.

    But the hardest part is when i am dry, i just want to harvest my plants right their, but i know its not worth they just smell so good and i want BUD!!
  5. im pritty good at phucking up to....and i do it o so well when drunk...written of lots of vehicles.....hurt people phisically and mentally......at one stage of my life it was thought i hit the self distruct button...lol....after a bit in H..R..H hotels took a look at myself...and decide phuck it lets get pissed and stoned again...still do to this day....love it......we all make mistakes and allways will wether we are pissed or stoned.... might as well do it happy....and well...

    sorry to heare about youre small phuck up unoit.....just as long you didnt kill that mother plant all will be well

    laters jay
  6. and by the way i start at 5 am and finish after 6 pm......who seid us stoners are lazy.....

    laters jay
  7. I guess there's no AA representives here..... I'm seriously constantly drunk. In my area it's a lot cheaper to get drunk than high. Don't get me wrong ----> I love smoking.

    But man, I love drinking too. And the best part is, as long as I don't drive IT'S LEGAL. If I'm at a party and it get raided and there's no drugs there just tons of "of age" drinkers, they can't do shit........ beautiful. :D

    P.S. There's actually a liqour store about 30 minutes away from me that will sell 40's by the case. I shit you guys not a 12 pack of 40s for like 10 something..... Beautiful.

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