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Discussion in 'General' started by smokez, Jun 17, 2006.

  1. K lemme start this off my tellin u guys my brother is 21 and im 18. Anyways my brother went to miami for 3 months just to get away from home, and i found out he was gettin a job at a golfcourse. Now hes staying with my uncle in his apartment and my uncle is totally against drugs etc. To get into the golf club you have to take drugtest before ur interview, my bro had no idea he took it failed it, now my uncle who he is stayin with told him he has to tell my dad, but my dad is also TOTally against it and my bro has been caught twice already. Heres my situation. what if my bro tells my dad and my dad decides to drug test everyone in the family.. im FUCKED. Im also supposed to be going to miami during august i think just to visit, and my uncle said i would also be workin at the golfclub, so should i quit blazin or should i keep blazin untill like 2 weeks before i leave.. any suggestions guys im really stuck on this
  2. Well if your gon be drug tested in 2 weeks and you wanna pass then quit smokin till then.

    But why would it matter if your folks know you smoke, Your both legal adults shit.
  3. im living under their roof:mad:

  4. yea that gets alot of people, eh?

    if they are putting the roof over your head and feeding you (somewhat) then you have to obey there rules and respect that.
  5. do a search and figure out how to pass a dt
  6. Yeah like weedzilla said, Search for passin drug tests. I got a post about it. Ive done it.
  7. Well just don't (or claim not to) smoke under their roof, surely their not so narrowminded that they can't respect ur decisions, sounds like u have cops or fucking government officials as parents:smoking:....no pun intended
  8. your a fucking adult, man i don't understand all of these guys come on here 18, 19, 20 years old scared shitless that their parents will find out they smoke pot :/
  9. 1. get some piss from one of your mates who doesnt smoke it.
    or if you cant do that add toilet water to your sample, about a 1/3 and definently stop smoking it for 2 weeks aswell.
  10. it would take a real jerk parent to find out your brother is smokin and then deside to test everone in the family, that just be messed up

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