Ok, what the hell is this Grasscity?

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  1. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1390453711.808377.jpg I have an iphone and it's jailbroken. So I was taking a browse through the app structure using a tweak called ifile and came across this Quantcast shit! What the fuck gc!?! Ur grasscity forums app collects our device data (notice it doesn't say WHAT device data, could be imei # or iccid, or even serial #) and CITY and how much we get on? That's not cool!!!
  2. What the fucking fuck?!sent from underneath my balls
  3. welcome to the internet... where every site sells your browsing habits to advertising companies
  4. Bummm bummm bummmmmmmmmm. Trippy shit.Sent from The Gods.
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    Idk man all this NSA shit lately has got me trippin. The whole reason I was diggin thru the app was lookin for maybe a way to get it to load the grow forums on ios. That's where I spend most my time and I'd rather them not know where I live. Hopefully since I don't have location services enabled for the app it will use the location my ISP shows which is way away from me. But it's still fuckin bullshit
  6. Look at the bright side...It didn't say "Property of the NSA (National Security Agency), protected by a whole lot of codes of both domestic and international law...We.  Are.  Everywhere." :cool:
  7. It might as well Google is them.sent from underneath my balls
  8. Oh yea the NSA is everywhere and they don't put their names on stuff like that. They are just crowdsourcing data millions and millions of terabytes a day of information about its own people. And I can tell you what their doing with it too, they are putting all kinds of random data into supercomputers trying to predict things like public opinion and who will win elections, what will happen when and where. It's stupid! But I don't appreciate grasscity forum app tracking us without telling us or giving us the option to opt out. All they say is download our new app, we go to the AppStore and download it and never get to look at privacy policies or anything like that, or agree or disagree with anything before we use the app and it tracks us without our knowledge
  9. ouch... i feel violated by my GC :(

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  10. Everyone is making a big deal out of it, but I know for every app I download on my android (even if it is a game) in order to download it you need to give access to all of your phone records pretty much.
    Basically everything is tracked so who gives a shit. We won't be able to do anything about it.
  11. WHAT THE FUCK!!!! I guess my time on grasscity is up.
  12. :confused_2: :confused_2: who cares??? if you we're really that worried, you wouldn't use the internet at all
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    Geeezzz, don't act all like pussies now..
    so naive guys
    first, quantcast  , totally legit website, it helps us with giving our advertisers ( who make it possible to run this site in the first place) a target audience info, Google analytics does the same, so 99.99 of the sites you visit have this kind of tracking.
    KNOW YOUR COOKIES, this is the INTERNET!!!!, not your private bathroom, where you can be butt naked and sign Miley Cyrus in front of the mirror...
    Go TOR network, block your cookies, and with that break your Internet  browsing usability experience in half.
    Secondly, the native iOS and Android apps do not make use of quantcast, browsing the forums via a mobile browser, sure same thing, but don't confuse the two of those.
    When you applied for the forums as a member you agreed with the EULA  and our privacy policy , everything is in there, and how we protect your rights and make use of cookies, and also how third party links should be considered.
    Grasscity is always out there to protect your privacy and make sure the data on OUR servers is not to be compromised, in over ten years we NEVER had ANY legal request for ANY of our users from ANY governmental agency in the WORLD.... period , based in Amsterdam and hosted in Amsterdam we are protected by the European Data Protection Act.
    However if you are posting things that the NSA, YOUR MOTHER IN LAW, CIA, SECRET SERVICE, KGB, ILLUMINATI, HELLS ANGELS, BLACK PANTHERS, or whatever other paranoia fears you  have of the powers that be , are not happy with, that I think you should not be on the Internet at all, I hope you get the pun here.....
    Really you all should chillax on this issue and go all knowledgeable on the subject and not scream "Jump Ship!!!"  , totally uncalled for.... naive brats.... geeeez
  14. dude.... relax.....
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    how did you know?
    you guys are really watching me.. that's fucked up man.
    i hope you enjoyed the show pervert!
  16. like...the gubbamint alreaddy knows everything about you up to this point nomatter how much you want to try and avoid it man.
  17. I was planning to tell you, but dude I just couldn't..... Sorry AW, please forgive me :yay:
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    so, does GC allow this or is this an outside thing?
    EDIT: Just read superjoints post properly
    thats well gay
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