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Ok what is nug?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by KcRollin99, May 12, 2010.

  1. Ok i've been smoking for a while now, but today i really got confused about nug. Nug isn't an actual strain is it? Before we picked up some dank as purp, we started getting in an arguement about it. My arguement, was that it isn't an actual strain, and its just a slang term for dank bud, or for actual nuggets, am i right?
  2. Nug is un broken up bud.
  3. I second that
  4. Nug=a nugget of bud
  5. Nuggets, yeah i know whey they are. But what about the slang term, as in ill sell you some nug for 20 a g? I've got ppl using it as if its a strain
  6. Nug as in nuggets. Nuggets of weed.

    ^ Those dealers are fucking dumb as shit, I wouldn't even hand them a penny if they referred the the weed as the "nug" strain.
  7. Youre misunderstanding them, theyre just using it as another term for weed, not a strain.
  8. not to be mean but come on son
    this is basic
    get it together kid :p

  9. yeah this

    they aren't saying " I have Nug for 20 a g "

    he understood it
  10. love me some fresh nugs man
  11. :hello:
  12. Its not that i dont understand, but these fk'ing morons don't believe itsnot a strain. I get sour diesel, blue dream, n sometimes if im lucky ill get some dank purp for 20 a g. But whenever i ask around for a new dealer, its always the same crap. "yeah ill sell you some dank as nug bro"
  13. Again, theyre using nug as another word for weed. "Ill sell you some dank ass weed man" Same thing.
  14. When they say yeah I'll sell you some dank ass bug bro, they mean I'll sell you some good ass weed it's not a strain your not getting the context of what they are saying
  15. [​IMG]

    Holy face palm batman! :eek:

    It's not them. It's you.
  16. nug is just another name for maryjane.
    "hey man want some bud?"
    "hey man want some green?"
    "hey man want some ganja?"
    "hey man want some grass?"
    "hey man want some nug?"

    It also refers to a nugget of maryjane.

    or mcnuggets :devious:
  17. Oh jesus. Ima fool. Thnx for clearin that up. Anyone here live in KC? When are we getting anything besides the strains i've mentioned above?

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