ok this may sound stupid.

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  1. hey whats up first post, this is my story
    one day i was cleaning out my drawer of goodies pipes papers old roaches and crap and i found my mother load of accumulated seeds in pill container so i was like what the hell and i threw them all into a pot with some soil, well i went about my business and well forgot about it so about 2 weeks later i check and they're all dead except one im assuming lack of water ( i just stuck it on my porch with my moms plants ). so i got rid of all the dead ones and this is what I got right non. i went out and bought some grow lights from walmart for like 10 bucks each ( i know you guys are pro at what u do so you are all gunna think im dumb for doing so but you gottta start somewhere i suppose )

    im using organic miracle grow and perlite

    any helpful suggestions im open for very constructive criticism

    im on a slight budget this is also a closet grow my mom doesnt care but it has to stay closet

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  2. oh yeah my stupid questions were..
    1 - is it not recieving enough light because it seems too thin and leave spacing.
    2 - the leaves toward the bottom of the plant are very small and seem droopy almost.. should I have my second light shining toward the bottom of the plant instead of ontop so that the bottom can recieve as much light?
  3. put a fan on it to help thicken the stem and branches, arr those floro shop lights? if so get those bulbs within 3 inches of plant and id just make a ^ shape over the top, also pull the tinfoil out before you burn it
  4. arrrite thanks alot man, whens the earliest detection of sex, cuz i think i can see the little V
  5. i believe there is a sticky on this by direwolf that can answer any question you have on sexing alot better then i can and it has pictures- peace
  6. Tin foil = bad?

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