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OK space case or sharpstone

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Kenji12349, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. Which grinder should i buy? four stage space case or sharp stone? I am looking to spend max $40 on a grinder, i have no idea how much each of these costs so let me know the details thanks gc!
  2. I like space case's... but you might have to hit ebay up it you want it under 40.
  3. Well I just recently picked up a 4-piece stainless steel sharpstone grinder with a vibrating kief collector. All at my LHS for 40$, it works great for my MFLB:smoking:
  4. i borrowed a sharpstone before it went through 4 months of solid everyday grinding and it never once chipped.
  5. Id assume space case is superior since it costs a lot more. As the owner of a sharpstone though i can say that it gets the job done every time.
  6. How well did it collect keif though?
  7. Honestly it really doesn't matter which one. People have preferences for either one, but that normally just comes with owning one. If you get either one, you'll probablly just think that grinder is the best there is.
  8. Sharpstone

    never had a problem.. grinds like a beast!


    Uploaded with
  9. I like them both but I'd rather sharpstone
  10. Neither, get yourself a head chef for much less.

    Recently got this, works like an absolute dream. The ergonomics are brilliant.


    They come in a variety of sizes and colours.
  11. Sharpstone all the way! I have one and it grinds like a straight up boss!
  12. sharpstone fo heezy!
  13. You can't get a 4 pc space case that cheap man

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