ok so this aint the easiest thing

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by metalman, Aug 23, 2002.

  1. Well first off I been smoking weed for at least... well a really long time. I enjoy getting that buzz going and then just letting it take me where it wants. I dont know I have tried about any type of weed you can think of from some home grown that was not even worth the match to some bud that made the center fold of high times. ( Aug, 89 Buds from Charlotte that is where I am from) Right now I been hitting some excellent hydro from a coupla counties across the way. Anyhow I really like this forum so far. The war stories are hilarious at least some are. I had actually forgot to bookmark it the first time, Uh what is the first thing to go?
    Hmmm I forget, Haha anyhow will definitely be back and hello to all from now on!!!

  2. hi! enjoy the trip..hehe the stories are great arent they? that cause the people rock!!!! hehe :smoke:
  3. well its official your accepted.......critter gave you the thumbs up welcome guy ha ha

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