Ok - So Im Ready To Start - Any Pointers Or Help Is Greatly Appreciated

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  1. Ok - so I got the system and I'm ready to go as far as I know, but I don't know what I'm missing, so if you see something that can help me save some time, or if you have any recommendations, lemme have it.
    I got the following off-the-shelf system from LED + Hydro + Gro Pro fabric soil grow bags from: http://www.mrgrowpro.net/ and I'm ready. I'm starting with a 2-net hydro build and using bagseed. Here's what I have for nutes and supplies:
    General Hydroponics MaxiBloom 5-15-14
    General Hydroponics MaxiGro 10-5-14
    1 Inch Rockwool cubes
    10 lbs of hydroton stones
    Ona Pro Block for inside the box for odor
    Water Quality Tester (TDS Meter)
    Can anyone recommend a good PH Up and PH Down? I also need a ph meter and root feed. Are these good nutes for a hydro system? Someone recommended Fox Farms Hydroponic Nutrient Trio for everything, but I wasn't sure if that was good to use on seedlings and germ phase. Should I buy distilled water, or can I leave out a 35 gallon tote of water and let it evaporate off the mins? I also wasn't sure if I need to add anything to the rockwool cubes during the germ phase? Is plain ph balanced water enough? Is there anything else I should take into account before I get the box set up?
    Thanks again for all the help this community has been. I feel like a kid on Christmas.

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    u don't wanna use any nutes during germ or seedling phase. only ph'd water. get the GH PH control kit. it's cheap and comes with everything you need UP, Down, and testing solution. u have to prepare ur rockwool. search the threads for proper preparation procedure. also, do some more thread browsing and use the search. endless wealth of knowledge at ur fingertips.
    edit: here's a link to rockwool preparation clickme
  3. good start but the Answer21 has it; reaserch, reaserch, research, its all here just find it. i know it seems like a lot but take it slow and dont over do it.

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