Ok So If I Won The Lottery

Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by JimmyTbag, May 29, 2013.

  1. I think i'd invent plug in vaporisers (like plug in air fresheners) and they'd just constantly pump out vapour droness into my house so anyone who came in would be instantly stoned within a few breaths. sure you'd loose loads of it to the atmosphere but you'd be a millionaire so it wouldnt matter

  2. Soooo you want a machine to hotbox your room...?
  3. nugs in the oven
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    Hahahaha brilllllliant
    You should have certain rooms that are constantly being hot boxed. A different strain per room
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  5. How much? Mega millions?
    Take out 200k for a new house, 100k for a gallardo, 100k for kids college and family, 100k to spend on motorcycles... I'd get like 10 or 12  and give one to every house on the street so I'd have some buds to ride with. 10k for Bongs and ounces to match. The rest I wouldn't know how to spend so I'd probably end up saving and living off interest, or invest it.
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    I would definitely buy a huge plot of land and make an entirely self-sufficient home with its own solar power and well and set up a food and weed garden and never talk to anyone again.
    And then I'd do your vaporizer idea because it's absolutely fantastic.
  7. I am going to win the lottery soon!!! im smoke everybody on the board out. wish me luck
  8. Hit me up if you need help setting it all up :smoke:
    i plan on hiking/train hopping/Woofing/Couch Surfing around the earth for a while and see what places i like the most
  9. If you're going to pump constant weed into your house I hope buy can also afford a large fridge for the munchies.
  10. I would probably buy an island and live in a shack on the beach. I would also get a helicopter use it so disperse marijuana seeds all over the island. Marijuana will become the most abundant plant my island. It will be legal to smoke and I'll let people move to my island and start environmentally friendly businesses (highly regulated but tax free)
  11. I would buy pounds of marijuana's.

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  12. Lol get a weed-burning stove and put a log of nugs and/or hash in it...
    I'm talking a good 15 lb.er.

  13. Make weed weights and use those instead of iron. Mhmm.

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  14. Sorry to be that guy, but it's *lose. You are probably the 100th person I've seen spell that wrong. 

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