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Ok so i need help

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by HighImBakedHBU, May 12, 2011.

  1. Umm yea I just smoked and now I have a small rash that burned on my arm I took some benadryll and now I just feel hot any suggestions?
  2. You *just* smoked? Run it under some cold water for the soothing effect. If it remains itchy for half an hour take some antihistamine. If the rash remains in the morning make an appointment with your doctor. Doesn't sound like anything urgent.
  3. When you say you "feel hot" do you mean all over or is the heat localised to your rash?

    I'd be more worried about the latter, but unless you feel worse or the symptoms persist for more than a day then I wouldn't let it bother you.
  4. And yea I feel hot but the rash "burned" and idk I paranoid as fuck and about to smoke another bowl what u think?
  5. If you think that the rash and mild "fever" was brought about by the weed and you're paranoid about it then why the fuck are you still smoking? My advice on seeing if it gets better doesn't really stand if you're going to keep exacerbating it. Save your weed for another night when you can have peace of mind. Just watch some TV and keep an eye on your rash.
  6. Idk bro I feel fine now
  7. Well if you genuinely feel fine and the rash is subsiding then go for it. Just don't kid yourself for the sake of a bowl if you're worried.
  8. Nobodies died from weed so I'm fine
  9. Well, when you get a rash it naturally will get hotter than other places, cant really remember why, but with allergic rashes, bug bites and shit, your body heats the locations up (i think its blood flow related..... trying to get white blood cells into the area or something) I actually have a hypersensitivity to something external on the cannabis plant, if i take a nug and rub it on my arm i will get itchy bumps localized to where it contacted my skin, it doesnt spread however, so i know its not a funn blown allergy, and when i smoke it I dont get the rash, only upon contact with my skin (and not on my hands, the skin is far too thick). But since you took a benadryl i would let that shit get into you fully and see what happens before you light up again (benadryl is semi-slow acting, will take a while before it works its magic on a skin rash, anaphylactic reactions are treated a bit quicker, but they are way way different as they affect multiple systems of the body)

    If you ask me, i would say, because of my own hypersensitivity, that you should probably take a tiny bit of a nug, and rub it somewhere like your underarm (the skin is much more "fragile" under there and the effect will be quicker) and see if the same thing happens, and if it remains only where it happened, or if it spreads along your arm... if it stays and just turns into itchy bumps, your ok, if it spreads, you could be allergic to it and i would take extreme caution with cannabis

  10. I bet there are a few who came close from having severe allergic reaction to it however, which wouldnt be the weed killing them, it would be their own body killing them
  11. Put some ice on it.
  12. Dude,THERE IS A DISEASE GOING AROUND IN THE MARIJUANA PLANTS. I forget what it's called but seriously there is a bacteria in the buds that goes from getting a rash to the extent of a coma. Seriously, get help. This might sound odd but your local vet might have something to treat it because it's common in rabbits.
  13. Omg bro you've got me trippin
  14. HAHA dude im just fucking with you
    You're gravy

  15. you trollin or is this the truth lol

    EDIT: nvm answer is above hahahhahahahah
  16. Like I said, keep an eye on your symptoms and make an appointment with your doctor in the morning if it's bugging you. If you're actually *frightened* for your immediate wellbeing then get to A&E (but don't call an ambulance unless you need it. God damn it does it piss my nurse mother off when people who don't need them call ambulances).

  17. on top of the fact an ambulance ride is like a thousand dollar taxi ride if you dont need it hahahaha
  18. It's getting warmer. It's probably just a sweat rash or some shit.

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