ok so i got a hermie what now

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  1. hi all i thought my plant was gonna be female as it produced hairs first now i know my plant is a hermie im upset coz apparently thats something i dont want males or hermies but i guess im stuck with it now

    the plant is 7 weeks old its got hairs all over it now its got 2 pollen sacks on 2 of the branches including hairs in the same place and buds already starting to grow what should i do with this plant and how will it effect my yeild and bud????

    since its a hermie will it produce seed for another grow im hopeing it will since its fucked up this time around may as well try to make seed but gonna need to know how
  2. ok so just looked at my plant again and them hairs are coming out of them pollen sack like balls am i mistaken on it been a hermie

    theres actually loads of these balls with hairs coming out just 1 or 2 of the balls not opened up yet
  3. if it really is a hermie you could ether 1. cut it down or 2. just pull all the male parts off and let the buds grow never done it but heard it done. if you wait to long then it well pollinate your crop.
  4. I bought greenhouse white widow before fem...every fucking plant hermied all five..my life consisted of searching through them for hours removing the bananas..it worked out fine though..you just have to keep on top of it...the bud was bomb as fuck when it was done..if you have other girls in there they are in danger of pollination..
    Another way to look at it is when a female plant grows balls and knocks itself up you get femenized seeds...and just cuz one hermis dont mean they all will..be vigilant
  5. Those "balls" sound like calyxes to me, in which case you're just fine. Do some online research and look for photos. It should be quite obvious if they're male flowers or not...
  6. After that grow i had ww x yumbolt...ww x sensi star.....ww x ak47.....ww x violator kush...and ww x bubblegum and ww x afghani kush special....
    I now have a few hundred seeds cuz the little white widow happened to be in front of a fan and pollen got blown through the bottom branches...all the tops were seedless perfect and all the popcorn buds were seeded..
    Now ima grow out like a hundred and pick the nicest ten of em.
    Cant wait to see how these ww x sensi stars are..even though it was a hermi they cant all be herms even if the carry the trait
  7. Oh btw when the preflowers first show theyll be a tear drop shaped pod sticking strait up with no hairs..this is wjen peeps get confused..if its a male preflower it will be a ball with a claw shaped leaf but the ball will be connected to a little stick...just like a trichome looks with the balloon head...if you see a post connected with the ball hanging toward you you have a male
  8. that is a female my friend..take some pics and we will confirm it. calyxes look like little balls that swell up where the pistils come out of. new growers constantly chop their female plants down thinking the same thing..


  9. Those are great pics...they show the stem the ball hang off of...also you can have a female preflower that takes a week to pop its pistills..tear drop sticking strait up is female pistils or not.....the stem and the claw on the male makes it very obvious...even if its a male you have at least a week and a half before they start opening..not that it couldnt happen sooner but it does take a little..males do not need 12/12 to open those sacks either dont forget that

  10. i have 2 plants in total but the other plant not showing its sex at all its just got them forget the name (stiples is it) anyways all MJ plants have these from a young age no matter what sex they are that one just has them no hairs no balls but what i thought was female its got hairs coming out of these ball type things,

    and great at least i'll have female seeds to look forward to if nothing else for the next grow i'm poor and cant afford $10 per seed besides that i think they way too expencive i mean you never gonna know if it gonna germinate or if they turn out to be males and i dont like the usual seed bank policy, can only grow 2 plants at a time but its all good for me so ether way i got something to look forward too
  11. Ok pal i am going to point you in the right direction. First start by chopping off all the pollen sacs on your plant if those open and release the pollen into your grow area it will produce massive amounts of seedy buds. It will take about 2-3 weeks of looking in everyday and chopping but its do able. after week 5-6 you can chill and sit back.

  12. Um.... from what he's describing about the "balls" and the "hairs" there is yet to be definitive proof that the plant has hermied. Sounds like female pre-flowers to me. Do NOT cut anything off those plants until you're sure they're male pollen sacs. Nuff said... :devious:
  13. Looks like a girl to me. 100% But watch for hermie if you stress it too much

  14. what does stress mean all i do is water couple times per week and feed once per fotnight bottom leaves keep dying off tho
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    Those definitely look like FEMALE pre-flowers. I don't see any signs of male flowers or pollen sacs. The pictures aren't perfect, but I don't think you have a hermi or anything else to worry about at this point.

    Now, aren't you glad you didn't follow the alleged advice of Frost415 and start chopping off your beautiful FEMALE flowers? :)

  16. Light stress, heat stress, etc, etc, etc. Google keywords "stressed marijuana plant", read and learn. That's the best advice I can give you!
  17. I did not have a picture for reference to see if it was pollen sacs or not. If they were i would suggest cutting them off instead of the alternative maneuver to chopping down the plant. The way he stated things made it seem that he new he had these "balls" on his plant, if he were to have them my suggestion is still valid. Now that i can see the plant with your pictures i can clearly see that they are pre-flowers and growing bud. Pictures tell a thousand words. Keep up the great work
  18. i'm sorry if ive upset anyone didnt mean to but these balls were there some were just balls but it was mostly hairs coming out of these balls it must of been pre-female flowers

    i only know the basics of growing (the highlights of it) so i'm probably the dumbest grower on here, the balls are gone now just disappeared ether completely or these hairs thats now all over everywhere on the plant are covering them up idk but the balls are gone or i cant see them no more other plant now just got them hairs too think they both female if this plant is
  19. You mean THESE "balls"? Don't stress it man, when i got my first budding plant up and running,i thought for a few minutes that my calyx's might've been male pre-flowers, but i didn't freak and i went online, did some 2 minute research and bam, left the lady to do her magical work undisturbed.


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