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  1. I have been around these forums a little now and would like some feedback. This is my "first" grow (did another a long time back but they died due to heat) and I'm wondering if my setup is ok? I did LOADS of research before ever starting out so I have put a lot of time into this.

    The room itself is 6.5'x6.5' and 8' high. Its actually a room I built inside of a room. Walk in closet so to speak. Its not temporary in other words. Painted it high gloss pure white with white shower curtains on the floor to protect the carpet.

    My lights right now are 3 200w CFL's at 3900 lumens a piece. I have a 600w HPS and 600w MH but I'm not using it due to heat. Put my temps at 90. So this is what I have until I get a cool tube. Prob won't be soon. It cost around $160 to build the room and another $200 or so for all the rest so money right now is out on updating lol. For now :)

    I have one osculating fan....one small heat fan (I'm in cold country) a humidifier... And a 400cfm duct fan mounted to the top corner of the room sucking air out (it sucks so much air I actually covered it halfway) with a 6" hole on the other side letting air in.

    Soil is regular all natural soil mixed half n half with perlite. No nutes in the soil so using a grow 17-8-17 for veg right now at half strength. Burned them out the first week and learned my lesson. The two bigger ones just got put in a 55 gallon plastic drum that I cut in half...so about a 27.5 gallon container for each. (Try moving that with soil in it lol..I had help)

    Temp stays 75-78 with 55-60% humidity.

    Water once a week

    All three were given to me...females for sure. The bigger ones are 5 weeks into veg...looking to go at least 10 before flower. The small one about 2 weeks

    Anyone have any suggestions or does all this seem good for now? Thanks :)

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    Get that HID up and running asap!

    Drop $50 for a cool tube on amazon. Its the only way you're gonna grow enough to get a good return on your investment.

    Nice lookin ladies blade!
  3. I know the cool tube is only $40 for the one I want to get but the I also have to get a 6" duct and 6" inline fan so its more like $140 or so to get that setup lol. Will be working on it though and thanks

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  4. Yeah, costs can add up pretty quickly... But you have so much room to grow! I'm insanely jealous. All I have is am extra closet I threw a 3x2 tent into, because its literally the biggest one I could fit.

    Your plants look very healthy too.
  5. Well its legal here in CO so I figured go big or go home lol so I divided my spare bedroom in half :) I did some more research and think I will just up my CFLs to the highest watts I can buy to up my light and lumens.

    I'm actually getting impatient. I figured at 5 weeks they would be bigger? I want to flower already but I also want to use my space for the whole 8' height.

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  6. <sup>well it looks like a beginner setup..</sup>
    <sup>you will learn a lot, but its far from ideal.</sup>
  7. How would you make it better? Any suggestions?

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    You said you have three 200 watt CFLs. What you actually have is like three 40-60 watt cfls at the most. You need like 100 actual watts per plant at the bare minimum but double would be more ideal. The hid setup will instantly help with ventilation. More CFLs will give you more heat so you'd also need more fans for those... Either way you need more light and lower heat.
  9. Thanks for that. Yea I'm working on the light factor. Right now they are only 65w like you say. Just gonna take a minute. I fixed one light to be more efficient on my favorite baby. Other than needing more light not sure what else I can do here

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  10. You need more money! Every grow I begin starts with an electrician, 220v lines are Key save money on electric! Next is always AC!!! Then comes Lights and ventilation. Always go HPS for weight! CFL/T-5/LEDs and CMH work but not as good. " in my opinion" For the size pots you choose you need WAY WAY more light, otherwise you went to big on container size.
  11. You have journals anywhere with these grows? I wanna see :)
  12. This is what I would do.... Borrow $2000 from a friend. Call an electrician, drop 220v line in the room. Tear out carpet and put an 1 ton ac in the room. add at least (1) 1000 watt hps to the main room and convert the room you just made into a veg room with a t-5. average about 800grams for the 1000 watt "if you boost" on a two month cycle. pay your friend back and then never buy weed or have to pay an electric bill again. done. I can get way more detailed if you need. but this cost money!!!
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    I just joined today. Will post my journals soon.
  14. I knew that starting a grow would be costly but didn't imagine that costly lol. Thanks for the advice. Gonna work on perfecting things here. This is more so my trial run to see how well I can even grow. I don't think its going to be perfect the first time around so I'm learning. Thanks for the input.

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  15. Lol dude I don't think she's starting a delivery service or a collective. Alls I was saying is grab another bulb or two per plant and keep going... You'll slowly pick up the stuff you need to build bigger as you go. 400cfm to bring the heat out is probably decent as long as their is cool air coming in. Shoot if you're really passionate about it I guess you could go all out and get a loan... But I don't know if I'd want to make that bet as a first time grower. Well, second time grower technically.. But you know what I mean.

    And damn 800 grams per 1k for a second time grower? Your optimism is awesome but idk. That's .8 grams per watt. People who have grown for years don't always get that. Also, what do you mean if you boost on a two month cycle? I think giving more details would help.
  16. haha true.. my bad, I have just wasted a lot of money through out the years doing small grows. It took me a while to realize that i needed to really invest in a room to make it worth my troubles growing at home. small grows can be a great learning process, but they (most of the time) are a waste of time and money.
     Boost- Go heavy on the Nutes and add Co2
  17. Idk how to go heavy on the nutes ....if I give them more I end up with a nutrient lockout and burnt looking leaves. A little scared to give them more now.

    And hell yea I want to go BIG....warehouse status lol. But that's future dreams :)

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  18. What nutrient line are you currently using? Do you know your PPM/ TDS? (Parts Per Mill/Total Dissolved Solids)
    Are you using Tap or RO (reverse osmosis) if tap whats the TDS?
    Are your checking PH? (after nutes are mixed)
  19. The nutes are Sea Blast grow from Earth Juice at 17-8-17 mixed 1/4 teaspoon to a gallon. I'm a noob so don't know anything about ppm/tds and its tap....havnt checked the PH yet. I know all that is really bad on my part. Like I said I'm learning here bare with me

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  20. Going to be getting a meter to test the water and will get a pH test kit as well. Thank you for that. I knew about pH but just learned about ppm and TDS...your the first person to introduce me to that :)

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