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  1. i love ecstasy and i know it should be used sparingly but for how long.. wat i mean is if i only roll every month or two and dont overdo it how long ca i keep this going on because some people say after a while it will lose all effect is this true??? because i wanna know because i know i wanna be rolling for years but i dont want to lose the effect of the x
  2. I myself have recently discovered X. Doing it once every month or two should keep it level and all that, or so I've heard.
  3. You wont lose the magic if you do it properly (1-2) a month.

    On the otherhand if you do it everyday, youll lose the magic in about 3 months.
  4. Permafried is a term that's slung around too much. You will be permafried if you don't take exstacy carefully though. Absolutely no more than once a week man.
  5. You will roll if you give 30+ days between each roll. That's not to say it won't be bad for your health, but atleast you're doing it a smart way.
  6. thanx for the replys im just asking cuz i only roll once every month or two but i love it so much will it ever lose its magic cuz i know i wanna be rolling for atleast ten more years lol
  7. I like my brain lol...Ive rolled 5 times i usually roll 2 times a year:p

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