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Ok One More Thread About Those Commerciels

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Lapse, Feb 2, 2003.

  1. Talkin bout that one where the kid with the pink bong gets shot...

    Personally I dont think the kid shot him cuz he was high and it impaired his judgement....

    I think he shot his ass CUZ THE MUFUCKA AINT CLEAR THE BONG MAN!!! Ida Shot Him Too

  2. HAHAHAHA!!!

    I thought maybe it was because he had a pink bong
  3. na dude... if you can smoke from it, its cool
  4. I was just kidding
  5. yea he obviously wasnt a ture stoner cause any stoner would know to do that.
  6. Not clearing the bong is a death wish.
  7. Either smoke it or leave it alone! If you can't clear it, don't fucking waste it!!!1
  8. lmao

    true true
  9. lol, damn right! that little punk wasn't a pot head... couldn't even clear that small ass bong.

    what a disgrace! lmao
  10. yeah really that wasn't even a footer, just how they where hitting it proves that they weren't high when the kid blew the other one's brains all over the wall. i mean how do you get high when the hit is still in the bong.
  11. seems like he woulda done that even if he wasnt high.

    he was obviously a homo bent on world domination.

    theres always some secret to these types of commercials
  12. have you seen the new one? a kid takes 4 cigs and unrolls them it says "marijuana contains as much tar as 4 cigarettes"
    and he rolls all the tobacco up and sparks it.

    those commercials are horrible and not to mention innacurate, but people believe the shit, no matter how corny it is
  13. thats like encouraging kids to smoke cigarettes which are much much much worse than weed is to you especially at an early age. the commercials are fucking stupid
  14. 4 ciggeretes also wont get u nearly as high as a blunt \o/
  15. What about the one where they're burn cruising through a fats food drive in and they hit a little girl riding a pink bike. Funny government add campains. Is there a site online where I can see the pink uncleared bong commercial?
  16. probably pot-tv but imnot sure

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