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ok... now WHAT just happened???

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dogoncouch, Mar 24, 2009.

  1. #1 dogoncouch, Mar 24, 2009
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    EDIT: can a mod please change the title to "ok... now WHAT just happened"

    so it was a normal night. me and my buddies were chillin at this girls house nothing new. and i roll a blunt like we usually do on the weekend.

    it got me pretty high, everyone was ripped. i rolled about 2.5g into a blunt.

    BUT after i smoked we were all about the same as for being high. but i drove to the store, baught some cheesypuffcorn and thats when the night became fucked up!!

    i started eating the puffcorn i ate about 1/4 bag. it got me HIGHER!! i passed the bag because they were wondering why i was so much higher and then they all ate the puffcorn. they all got as high as i had become! we were all super fucking high we were laughing like crazy (we don't usually laugh as much as we did it was fucked up how much we were laughing)

    picture of cheesy puffcorn^^^

    please i need feedback if this really does get you more higher or if the pot maybe just kicked in late. but i know we got higher later and it seemed like the puffcorn really fucked us up for some reason.
  2. All in your head imo, cause your high goes in full effect after 5 min from taking a hit.

    you can make yourself feel high without even smokin weed if ya want.
  3. Hahahaha everyone eat the cheesey puffcorn! It makes you higher!!! :D

  4. Ok those puffcorns look like shit but anyways i dont think its the puffcorns specifically but yeah I think thats possible for the high to kick in and out. Its probably b/c you got moving and stuff when you went to get the food, That has happened to me before
  5. how come i got higher like 10 minutes after the blunt and puffcorn when they started eating about 30 minutes later then they got higher too

    and it was NOT in my head. my buddies eyes got 100 times more red.
  6. no. it did not get you higher, you are just newer to smoking.

    see: placebo.
  7. Magical Cheeseypuffs, the eighth wonder of the world
  8. i have smoked blunts every weekend for 2 years and have never been as high as we got.
  9. So you really thinking eatting cheesy puff corn will make you higher? lol... I mean if you can prove that than ill start munching down on the stuff

    but anyway part of the reason peoples eyes get red is because they dont blink as much as they do when they're sober.
  10. well i did notice the super high levels of sodium. it could be it made us dehydrate more and fuck with our head somehow. but i know it got our eyes redder try it out and give me feedback. i picked up my cheesy puffcorn at a local holiday gas station.
  11. munchies that give you munchies only leads to passing out! :smoking:

    reminds me of when i made some firecrackers and ate too many because i had the munchies.. ohhh what a night.
  12. If you want something else that makes you higher, Comfortably Numb will invade your mind and take it the fuck over.
  13. my buddies stayed there while i grabbed food and drinks. and when i came back we all experienced the same thing. so not all of us were moving around.
  14. Hell yeah +rep
  15. Cheesy Puffcorn LMAO :D

    the names people think of these days...

    anyway, of course it didn't make you higher. You were just fucking baked man
  16. you didn't get any higher from some random snack. :laughing:

    For someone who has been smoking for 2 years should know that...
    I keep getting sarcasm from your story but I think you're serious :\
  17. idk dude.. eyes got redder after 30 minutes after the blunt which isnt normal for us. i think the sodium did something.
  18. It's food, bro. If anything, it would decrease your high.

    2.5grams of good bud does that to you, alright
  19. You just smoked some creepers. Or didn't notice how high you were ect. And the 2 blunts every weekend realy isn't going to build a tolerance so its most likley you just didn't notice how high you were until you chilled out.
  20. Full of sodium = more dehydration = drying out your eyes more = redder eyes.

    Not sure how you think you got higher through all this though.

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