Ok im new here...

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by peace_lovejojo, Apr 11, 2003.

  1. Hellou.. i jus found this off a link from yahooka.... look forward to checkin it all out... im here in northern cali... the buds are especially greeen right now... so im a happy girl:) am workin on gettin my card.. i find marijuana is my best hope for treating my life long bout with depression... not to mention. i jus like being high.. well anywazee is nice to be here...

  2. Welcome to the City!!!
  3. Welcome to the city!!!!!
  4. Welcome to the stoned community!
  5. Welcome To Da Stoners Site! :)
  6. welcome to da city.

    we got quite a few refugees from the yahookan republic. hehe
  7. hey rock on! links are cool things :) lol, brings you to cooler things like this here city! so, welcome! :)
  8. so are ya saying this is a better place to be??? lots of arguements in yahooka.. gets old if ya ask me... Id rather jus talk about the wonderful world of gettin high:) lol

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