ok... here's a complete n00b question.

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  1. sorry, but i just started growing a month ago, and i figured i'd move soon, so i'd get my plants started, now they're almost 2 feet tall and im not in my new house yet...

    so...i went to kmart and bought a bulb that makes 3 different kinds of light waves, just to try it out. hahahaha the bitch is hot! it's frying my freaking plants!!!! ahhh!!!!

    im getting wilted leaves, and brown spots. which pisses me off to say the least. someone said the light should be 2 inches from the plants... theres no way i'd have plants left if i did this...

    im thinking of buying HPS but the shit is too expensive at the moment... is there some form of cheaper bulb i can buy that isnt that hot? or is there just something i should do differently w/ this bulb? i dunno... im starting to freak out here.

    thanks in advance for any help!

  2. ok... heres my crap setup... dont laugh. just look at the setup and not my stupidity in setting it up! :)

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  3. heres a closeup of the plants, keep in mind these plants are just dirt plants, i wanted to see if i could actually get some shit growing b4 i invest some $$$.

    (notice the 3 leaves that are wilted looking? that's from this bulb i bought)

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  4. this is a brown (burn) spot on the biggest plant (almost 2 feet tall)

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  5. here's the box the bulb came in... it's some new kind of lightbulb that emits 3 types of light rays (so it says)

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  6. here's the lamp close up.

    if anyone has any ideas, suggestions, or a virtual kick in the ass, i'd appreciate it emmensly. like i said, i really dont care about crop/harvesting HUGE amounts of buds... i just wanna grow some shit to learn. so dont laugh at my shitty setup. hehe



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  7. thanks guys.
  8. if you're not planning on using a dediced space for growing them...i.e. a cupboard set-up like mine, it might be an idea to get a big cardboard box around them and paint it white or use the not so shiny side of tinfoil to try to get some light to the lower parts of the plant....best of all would be to have it completely enclosed with a fan(like a cpu) blowing fresh air in through a vent hole and another hole on the other side to help it circulate air all the time...keep the temp at a reasonable level and see how it goes........Peace out....Sid
  9. hey thanks for the info guys, i really appreciate, im gonna try to get a box tonight for them. i went to lowes and bought 2 18" flouros... tell me what you think of this setup...

    oh and hopefully i'll be able to move on friday! so i'll have a 40X65 foot basement to start my shit right! wont that be fun.

    anyhoo... here's the pic of the new setup w/ only the flouros...

    oh and btw. are my plants too lanky? a friend of mine and i grew some outdoors 2 years ago and they were almost 1/4" think by the time they were a foot tall (before some bastard that should die cut them down)... mine are 1/8" thick and the tallest is 25"... any ideas on how to get them to thicken up? a friend of mine said to put a fan on them, and the movement will make them thicken up... is that true?


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  10. yeah the fan will help to strengthen them...the reson they are kinda lanky is because they are attempting to reach the light source....hence they may start to bush out more with the light in the position it's in now....the more light the better......Peace out....Sid
  11. im gonna get my roomie to buy like 2-3 more of those lights, just untill we can get into the new hizouse.

    thx fo da help bro...
  12. fan and a lil more light needded than ull b good 2 go also hPS lights are on sale at home depot... you can get one for like 45 bux or so good deal.. i took advantage of it and changed all my HPS lightings over the weekend... prolly gonna have a house raid cuz i bought all this lighting but shit happens
  13. hey dude i'm gonna put my two cents in...heres a place where you can get a 400 watt hps for $90...WWW.INSIDESUN.COM plus shipping they are used but come with a new bulb ...i bought one and it kicks ass..they are old street lamps..i bought the 400 watt mh then i went to another site and got a a 400 watt hps conversion bulb ..don't waste your money on anymore lights go with hid lights these are the cheapest lights out there and you just cant beat it for the price...good luck..oh yea put those plants in single pots no less than 3 gallons..even better 5 gallon..or just start over make that first grow really coun't ...GET GOOD LIGHTS!...LATER DUDE..if your gonna take the risk of growing then make it worth it.
  14. i'll do that. :) ur right... if im gonna go to jail, im going to jail over something that's good, and not 10 little twigs that arent gonna get me more than a joint. lol.

    we should smoke sometime dude.



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