OK folks enough joking around let's grow trees!

Discussion in 'Outdoor Grow Journals' started by Lookatmenow, Nov 15, 2019.

  1. Hello my friends and welcome to the grow, feel free to share links and threads of past grows that maybe of any help to us novice disciples....and the lord said let there be light and so it was.
  2. Any info ya wanna share on ur grow? Lights, soil, feeding, strain? Or did ya just post to let us know ya wet a seed?
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  3. Sure have wet seeds. Only really looking for others who have experience growing outdoor as this is my outdoor grow journal. Any input you have could be of some value. 20191113_124018.jpg
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  4. Nice man I just finished my outdoor grow. Ended up having to pull it inside at week 7 of flower due to weather though. It’s in jars on week 2 of cure. E056BD80-FD79-4AD9-98E8-9C6212BEAF04.jpeg 00722A1E-D870-4FE5-9F51-3996AF428EAB.jpeg
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  5. I thought that was 2 plants at first! How many times did you top that plant? I had my big one vegging indoor but it stunted in growth so decided to move outside instead of flowering with the rest. Got a few seedlings sprouting as well as a few clones
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  6. I topped it over 30x we get a lot of fog here so didn’t want big colas risking mold or bud rot.
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  7. Can you remember what the yield was?
  8. I chopped on the 31st hung them in the closet for a week then put them in jars. They’ve been curing for a week so still kinda wet and haven’t weighed it all yet but my guess is 13-14 ounces.
    I just spent the last 4 days doing a final trim and got 91 grams of sugar leaf that I’m making butter out of in the crockpot.
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  9. Could be a 1 pounder. Here's a few clones some are looking happy some are not. 20191116_104242.jpg 20191116_104302.jpg
  10. Overfed N toxicity coupled with the shock of being outdoor. 20191118_121159.jpg
    Rain 20191118_121245.jpg
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