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Ok, Cough it up...Who has one?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ScorpiA, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. Who of our population has a Med Card? and why do you have it?

    I dont have one, but if i moved to Cali i could easily get one, (I suffer from massive insomnia, that my doctor has run out of ways to treat it, been to sleep clincs and they got nothing)

    What you got yours for?

  2. i got one.... but fuck all that insomnia shit(no offense) go for the chronic back pain excuse, thats how i got mine.
  3. I don't have one,
    but getting a Med Card is one of my long term ganja goals.
  4. haha, none taken dude, i am just saying that what my illness is here lol.. Chronic back pain, funny how there is Chronic in the name :)
  5. I have one, for various reasons.

  6. haha i know.... its pretty much all the same prices too, except its all crypt shit and its about 5 bucks cheaper. the only reason i really have 1 is so that i dont get rolled ever. because your aloud to have 2 ounces on you at all times hahaha and 2 pounds at your house lmao
  7. Man... I wish I lived in a state with medical stuff. I broke my back this year, I'd have a very legit reason to get some smoke legally. Oh well...
  8. Could you please share those reasons with the rest of us. :)
  9. As soon as we get dispensaries where i live I'm getting one for sure. I have Crohn's disease (Mild case) so I'm definitely gonna jump allover that once the opportunity arises :)

  10. Sure
    - Migraines
    - Severe Chronic Insomnia
    - Chronic pain from a horseback riding injury last year
  11. new mexico right? nobody is going to open one here untill they are sure they wont get raided. did you already get your card? cuz crohn's was just put on there like a week ago.

    ive got severe Crohn's and an appointment on the 27th. so im fuckin stoked.
  12. I have one(got it a few days ago).. for my pack pain i've had for over a year and a half(also helps me sleep) but yea for my back
  13. You should make a poll...

    I was recommended marijuana for mild insomnia and depression.
  14. Yeah dude. Albuquerque. Where are you located?

    Yeah thats what my friend was telling me last night, that it was just recently added. I was pumped to hear that.

    My crohns only infects a section of my lower large intestine, so thank god its not severe enough for it to require any removal or surgery.

    I'll see you at the dispensaries once they open up! :bongin:
  15. Yes. Chronic pain relief. Indicas work like a charm, Sativas make me forget about it ;). I actually got a weed ticket the other day because I don't have the actual card(the elements got to it). Been cought millions of times before they give me everything back. This time they took my last gram and I asked if I can get it back and he said no... That bastard.

    Now I have to get my license faxed to me. Bullshit.
  16. oh i'll be first in line man. im in Las Cruces but I go up there a few times a year. usually for surgery or something else medical. oh and to grab bite at the frontier, even if I have to park a block away.. theres some good ass places to eat up there man. :yummy:
  17. yes, im a girl with chronic kidney stones
  18. in Washington, and Cali...For chrons...

  19. I have mine :wave:. I got it for chronic migraines and insmonia.

  20. Im considering moving all the way to cali just to have the legal weed XDD

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