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ok can a bong be to big?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by themadpcrew, Mar 25, 2004.

  1. I love bong hits, it is the weakness of my mental adiction, have hit some 5 and 6 foot bongs in my time, and while it gets you blazed of your ass it hurts like hell and is a challenge to clear and hit,i will take a one or 2 foot most days of the week, but what about those huge ones like 8 and 9 footers, i mean that seems to big to me
  2. No Shit Man. I'm a fan of bongs and even yesterday I smoked out of one. Not a big one. About a two-footer. But yeah man those big 5 and 6 foot bongs are hard to clear all of the hit because they are so long. The 9 foot bongs you must have a big bowl for in order to hit and clear it right. I'd take a 2-footer anyday over a longer one.
  3. yea we had a 8 foot bong but honestly its only to say that we have an 8 foot bong we never realy used it. basicly just a novelty. we usualy used my 18" bong but that sadly is broken now, so back to the spoons and rolling blunts how ever i am looking at purchasing this:
    anyways peace
  4. any biger than abel to be operated in doors is to big.. cause i mean come on if u cant even stand it upright inside what the hell is the point?? :D

  5. that is what i am thinking
  6. I say that it need to be a size that you can smoke bubble and clean easily and still be able to pass around as if your sitting on a couch. So i would say 20 inch to 2 foot range is ideal . :)

    otherwise its a party bong just to make your friends eyes big. :)

  7. if i could just smoke in my house i would love to own a 4 footer i just think its the perfect size, easy to milk and easy to clear and you get blaaazzed
  8. I've been meanin to buy a 2 footer, but my local headshop got closed down. :(

    And I would want to buy an 8 foot bong not only for the sake of having an 8 foot bong...but it would be a good decoration or somethin...As long as it didnt have any resin it wouldnt be illegal.
  9. ive NEVER understood how some can fully clear a bong bigger than 4 feet...never..Some times i have a hard time clearing this 2 footer...could be the chambers it has.. i bet i could clear a bong without chambers easily..
  10. I had an interesting thought after reading this thread. It'd be pretty damn cool to see if someone could make an insanely huge party hookah. I'm talking about 10' tall, and a large number of long hoses. Maybe somewhere in the region of 8-12 15' hoses, something like that.

    Sure, it'd be tough to do, but that would be one hell of a hookah to break out at party!

    *Shrugs* I dunno; I'm fairly stoned right now. Chillin with my 2' bong and some Blueberry x Chronic. Good times..

  11. bejesus!! that would take up like an ounce at once!

    plus, anyone who has hit a hooka knows that some people suck reeaal hard and even sometimes take ur hit!

    so imagine 20-25 people on one hooka...that would be a war to get a good
  12. True, but the lack of oxygen coupled with the hit that you do get would get you high. Not to mention the hotbox factor. Mwahaha.

  13. I would never buy a bong larger than 2 feet. 18" is a perfect size for a bong IMO.
  14. Two footers are the perfect size, but for some reason I just love the look of longer tubes especially with nice clear glass.
  15. imo anything over 50cm is overkill unless theres a perk in there but just one.
  16. bongs can be too big, the big huge 4 foot plus ones are not usually meant for one person, they are just for partying and novelty. anything over 2 and a half feet is too tall for my smoking experience
  17. Can a bong be too big?

  18. i hit this like 3.5 footer with like 3 precs and an ashcatcher was quite nice and it was all filtered so nicely i had no idea how much smoke i was taking in it was crazy. (first big bong i had hit)
  19. i think over 2 feet and its to big. however hitting a 8 foot bong at like a party or somthing can be awesome lol

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