oink oink hows it goin? im baked

Discussion in 'General' started by Evilpig, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. Holy shiiit guys...

    I forgot about gc again :( why do I do that.

    I'm such a stoner. How is everyone?

    But anyways I'm just sitting here bored, popped my tire today (scary as fuck) and remembered I haven't posted here in forever.


    So I recently quit smoking.... tobacco of course. Still tokin and slangin all day though. :smoking:

    Feels good to be a non smoker again... Weed is my cigg now. Actually thanks to someone on GC i quit smokin. and the help of my new gf she also quit with me. Things are good ;)

    Also quit like hard drugs and all that fun stuff. Drinkin and tokin is pretty much it now :p

    Anything new over on GC :confused: whats up fellas? :):)
  2. yeah weed is an awesome cigg substitute if you can afford enough of it...
  3. what up evilpig been a while since i've seen you around, you been listening to any new dubstep?
  4. Quitting hard drugs makes your body feel so much better in a few months.
  5. Congrats dude. I quit most of my addictions, now I just smoke buds, thizz, drink,and maybe take some painkillers sometimes.

    Its hard work.

    good to see your still around
  6. Yea it's gonna be totally worth it in the long run. And yes I've been listenin to a bunch of dub since my city is obsessed with it.

    And whats cracken SMT420? hows the chron been
  7. I hear ya, its all about the dub around here.
  8. Good to see you posting again brahh how ya been?
  9. what up EP, idk if you remember me, LobsterTacos, in the old school chat.

    Long time no see, glad to see your doing good.
  10. god dammit I did it again....
  11. did what again? and man WTS passed away, check the sticky, I didn't see you post in the thread, you probably remember him.

  12. I forgot to post on this site...

    but wow man :( that's sad... RIP brotha
  13. Whatup evilpig?
  14. Not much.... been busy lately. New house, new girl, new everything pretty much.

    I've jus been smokin and supplyin... same ol shit.

    How about you?
  15. Same ol' shit dude...

    smokin n drinkin.:cool:

    But fuck man, a new house and new girl? Two for one deal?:p
  16. Actually... yea ! :D

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