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Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Favre827, Oct 25, 2014.

  1. I never bought oil...I usually buy wax but I can't get a connect anywhere in Brooklyn which I find friend has a connect with oil he said 1.6 ml of oil is $200 is that a decent price or is he trying to rip me off?
  2. photo copy two $100 bills, hand it to your dealer, walk calmly back to your car, then proceed run him over because that is a fucking outrageous price for oil which is 95% an ISO run thrown into an ecig tank.
  4. Lol that's what I'm saying...How much would 1.6 ml of oil go for?
  5. the concentrate itself based on where you are should range from $20-80.
    never should you pay over $80 for a GRAM of concentrate

    I don't know exact weights but 1.6ml does not seem like a lot

    they are overpriced because they are advertised as "trippy sticks" so you had better hit up your dealer and tell him "so bro can I cop this trippy for $100?" the clearomizer itself is worth $15 and the oil unless it is spilling out diamonds, should not cost $200.

    sorry for the long post but I absolutely fucking HATE the assholes who try to justify charging that much for A GRAM.

    if I were you Id rather try to find an oz of mid level dank for $200-240(I don't know where you live or who your connects are) but screw that hash oil tank.
  6. I appreciate the long detailed need to apologize
  7. Yeah he's really trying to rip you off... I get mine for $25 if I pick it up my self or $40 if I have it delivered. It's a new connect and he's pretty far away...
    But $200?? I can get an O of some dank for that and make my own shit..
  8. Fucking ml ? Wtf pass on that..

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  9. Update...he said it medicinal and comes in a prescription bottle and there are flavors...bubblegum, girl scout cookies, cookies and cream...and I'll upload the picture that it comes in
    This is it

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  10. #10 UnsuspiciousUsername, Oct 26, 2014
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2014
    Fuck that "medicinal" crap excuse. 
    You can tell him he can take that "medicinal" oil as medicine, and shove it as a suppository up his ass. 
    Medicinal is all the more reason to be average price because people make medical in legal states, which is cheap.
    I get medical grade wax from Colorado at $60 a gram in FL.
    Forget oils. Stay with flower for now, until you get a connect again for wax. 
    Edit: Oh...and "Girl Scout Cookies" isn't a flavor. What a nincompoop. #worstdealer
    Who would want bubblegum flavor anyhow? I want my THC to taste like THC, know what I mean? 
  11. I like having the terpyness though but yes. some fire oil can really leave that "thc" taste in your throat after a hit. I complete know what you mean
  12. I haven't even started and I can tell you I've seen pretty much the exact product you're holding in your hand all over for around $30, medicinal, in all the strands and variaties you listed. 

    Tell your friend his provider his making a complete ass out of him and making one crazy fucking profit off of it
  13. Thank you very much I appreciate it
  14. 1.6ml of iso oil is worth about $5 in BC lol. And I would buy a vac purge and start making your own "wax" if you have the money.
    This guy knows whats up. Gotta love living in BC!  :smoke:
  16. Damn dude Id buy 5 of em.
  17. Yea right away
  18. its medical bro
    So dank

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