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Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by aw69, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. Hey GC I'm currently debating this, my friend who now lives out in California is getting some bho or wax as he calls it and wants 600 a oz I asked him for a quarter and he said tonight he'd get me a pic and the price. I was wondering if anyone can fill me in on oil or wax as I know nothing and is 600 a good price I was gonna rip it out of my new micro g pen
  2. I do that is a heart beat haha..
  3. If its good wax then 600 is a good price. You can sell dank wax 40 a gram
  4. Can anyone fill me in on oil quick or tell me what to ask cuz I'm gonna get a quarter to try and see how it is in my new micro g pen or what's a fair price any advice is good I'm so new to oil.
  5. Blonde/gold/white wax is generally the purest oil. Stuff like that goes for around $30/g in the pacific northwest, so if you're getting dank oil then a quarter oz should run you about $140-210 depending on if you get a deal or not.

    *I can only speak for Oregon though, I don't know wax prices in other places.
  6. Thats a very good price... Just get a picture because you can tell the difference between poor oil and good oil... To see this just use google....
  7. that is a good price provided that it is at least decent oil. You can easily sell oil for 60$/g in RI. Like others said just ask for a pic first. Lighter colored oil tends to be a little more potent but color is not always a good indicator of quality. The main thing I would say to check is that it is not really dark and runny looking.
  8. Just texted me back and said he just got the oil and will be sending a picture later tonight he said it'll be 200 a quarter. Is that a good price and does oil go bad quickly? Because if it doesn't I might get a better price on a half. Tell me what you think...
  9. 200/quarter is a good price if it's good oil.

    I have to ask you though, why are you buying such a large quantity of oil if you know so little about it? Wouldn't it be easier to just get a gram and see if you like it first?

    PS: oil stays good for a fairly long time if stored properly.
  10. I'm getting it from California so if I do It more than once it's more of a chance of being caught/ more of a hassle
  11. Here's the picture he just sent me what do you think?

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  12. that looks like some pretty dank wax. definitely worth $200 a quad
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    i was just about to say this times infinity. what if its bunk oil? you should at least smoke some before you hand over 200 bucks in my experience, most hash/wax ive got/was smoked out with isnt worth paying double. Its even harder to tell if wax is good then weed, especially if you have no idea what good wax is... so yeah just smoke/vape some and see if you like it first :D
  14. prepare to have your mind blown
  15. So get or don't get he says this is a full 7 grams
  16. Does It look good and like 7?

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  17. it is hard to tell from that picture, but I would say that does not look like it is more than an eighth. I would guess like 2 g. But I don't really have a size comparison so it is very difficult to actually guess the weight
  18. That doesn't look like any good wax, but it may get u ripped
  19. mate if u are ready to spend 200 on wax then you should really fork out 10 for scales to weigh it properly rather than asking on ere, coz no one can tell of sho what size it is...

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