Oil Spill in the Gulf Much Worse Than Expected

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  1. WOW!

    OIL Spill - MAJOR Disaster - THey are lieing with how much it is spilling each day....claiming 5,000 barrels aday...when it shortly could be 50,000 or about 2 MILLION GALLONS A DAY. The Dome to fix it = Major Fail. Next Idea supposedly is to use trash and Clog it. REALLY!?!? WTF!!! This is getting fucked

    Gulf Oil Spill Enters Week Four With No End In Sight - The Two-Way - Breaking News, Analysis Blog : NPR

    Gulf Oil Spill Enters Week Four With No End In Sight

    5:34 pm
    May 9, 2010
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    By Frank James
    Is it still possible for anyone to be an optimist about just how long it will take to cap the continuing oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico now entering its fourth week?
    The failure of BP's dome-containment strategy because of ice crystals that clogged the outlet through which the company had hoped to pipe the escaping oil to tanker ships on the surface has BP now resorting to other options.
    And those options couldn't have been seen as having a high probability of success since, if they had, BP would have presumably tried them before the dome.
    According to the Associated Press, here's some of what BP is considering:
    One technique would use a tube to shoot mud and concrete directly into the well's blowout preventer, a process that could take two to three weeks. ​
    Chief operating officer Doug Suttles said BP was also thinking about putting a smaller containment dome over the massive leak, believing that it would be less vulnerable because it would contain less water. The smaller dome could be ready to deploy Tuesday or Wednesday.​
    The company was also now debating whether it should cut the riser pipe undersea and use larger piping to bring the gushing oil to a drill ship on the surface. Cutting the pipe would be tough, and was considered the less desirable option, said Suttles, who gave no indication of exactly what the next step would be.​
    As BP weighed its options on the mainland, waves of dark brown and black sludge crashed into a boat in the area above the leak. The fumes there were so intense that a crewmember of the support ship Joe Griffin and an AP photographer on board had to wear respirators while on deck.​
    A white cattle egret landed on the ship, brownish-colored stains of oil on its face and along its chest, wings and tail.​
    Meanwhile, thick blobs of tar washed up on Alabama's white sand beaches, yet another sign the spill was spreading.​
    As if that's weren't bad enough, no one really knows how much crude oil is being spewed into the gulf's waters.
    The AP is reporting that 3.5 million gallons of oil have entered the gulf. PBS' Newshour's oil spill widget below puts the amount at around 4 million gallons.

    But the blog Skytruth.org says those numbers are far too low.
    ... The media continues to report that oil is leaking into the Gulf at 5,000 barrels per day. At SkyTruth we estimate the spill rate is closer to 1.1 million gallons (26,500 barrels) per day, based on the size of the slick on satellite images and Coast Guard maps, and thickness estimates derived from visual descriptions of the slick. That puts us at a total spill of 21 million gallons so far.
    That would be six times the BP estimate and would make the gulf spill at least twice as bad as 1989's Exxon Valdez spill in Alaska's Prince William Sound which resulted in a spill of more than 10 million gallons of crude.


    According to a leaked National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration memo obtained by an Alabama newspaper, if the riser erodes any further and creates more leaks, up to 50,000 barrels, or 2.1 million gallons per day of crude oil could begin flooding Gulf waters every day," reports Mike Adams, humanitarian and editor of Natural News.
  2. Might I suggest that instead of using trash to plug the leaky pipe, that they instead gather up the BP majority shareholders and executives and stuff them in there.

    Honestly most of these ideas that they're coming up with sound like something my 5 year old cousin would try. These guys have more money than god, why can't they hire a couple of engineers with a bachelors degree at the very least?
  3. This is serious, as serious as it gets. But nobody will really care nor do anything & frankly, we can't blame em. Our world, our society, is going to hell in a handbasket, this is the best example to use. I understand how bad this is, but what baffles me is thinking of how bad we're really going to be buttfucked by this later on. Stuff like this makes me shake my head and hope death is a relief...

  4. Seriously. It's fucking ridiculous these morons mess up like this and then just kinda halfass fix it. Fuck that!

  5. :laughing:

  6. Is BP facing any criminal investigation on this?

  7. Probably not, unless we can prove that they were tired of swimming in a sea of money and decided that they wanted to swim in a sea of oil for a change of pace.
  8. fuck, im in florida so i will probably be directly impacted. the prics of oil is going to shoot to over 3.00 a gallon in no time. the oil companys dont give a fuck about the spill because theyre just going to raise the prices to make all they're money back. hence the half assed fix :mad:

  9. +rep......

  10. They still don't know why the blowout preventer failed or if they should be blaming Halliburton for a poor cementing job
  11. Dude...a couple of months ago you would be lucky if you found a gasoline station in California that didn't charge you five dollars per gal. Over the past months, it constantly shifted from two ninety up to three seventy five.
  12. if gas ever gets that high around here, i seriously would not be able to afford to drive. it would cost me 100$ to fill up my tank. im glad i still have my bike!

  13. Yeah, price of oil is still cheaper than it was before the accident.

  14. EVERYONE ITS OKAY. I am going to use my God Cock and plug the spewing mess hole in the ocean. Much as I do to Mrs. God's anus every night.
  15. What happens when the hurricanes strike and light the slick on fire? FIRECANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. ...you got me pondering on how that would turn out..in fact, I almost want to see that...would it be one big ass glowing cloud of death? Hmm...thoughts, thoughts, thoughts.
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    Legitimate question.

    Sad thing is... if the media does their job well, BP could get a few more cents per gallon, and make this crisis profitable.

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