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  1. sup fellas, smoked some oil for my first time last night and i would like to get some equipment but i don't know what exactly i need.. i know i need a nail, globe etc. what all should i get to smoke it and how much price wise am i looking at here? thanks
  2. What type of oil? For BHO and QWISO (mostly wand hash, I don't prefer making actual QWISO) and waxes, budder, etc. I like to use my Eclipse vape.

    It also works decently good with kief and pressed hash but it gets clogged screen easier. Anyway, you can either get the hand held version like I have or you can get the water pipe version.

    You put a dab in the vial, hit it with a butane torch (not windless lighter) and you heat the glass which heats the air inside which then vaporizes the oil in the glass vial an you take a tasty fat hit.

    I prefer it over my titanium skillet /glass bell oil piece. I have a J hook for it and it also fits in my bong, but it doesn't hit as nice. The glass vials don't let ANY oil go to waste like if you take too fat a dab usually. And it tastes better.

    You can get one online for like $60 - at a LHS they go around $90.

  3. danggggg that is a nice piece bro, and a nice hello kitty lunch box to XD

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