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Oil rig

Discussion in 'Bongs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by Chief Keefe, Dec 13, 2012.

  1. If money's not a problem what's the best oil rig for taste, smoothness, and content lost.

    Was thinking either a double macro or recycler? But what's the best bang for your buck? I heard beer makes nice rigs for the price aswell, dont really know which route to go with, not looking to drop a ton but I defidentley want one of the nicest functioning rigs so if I have to then thats a different story.

    Thanks Blades
  2. I am a big fan of S. Beer rigs. Hip hop has a nice one and there are a bunch of nice ones that blades have here on the city.
  3. I dont have any personal.. experience with Steve beers but here good shit as well about price to quality type shit :D

    Umm.. You could get a Mobius Matrix, micro DG can, toro Micro, and if you hit up a Local artist you can get some real badass shit for way less than buying brand name :smoke:
  4. Doe steve make double chamber rigs or only single? And im not really looking into a worked piece more-so for function..Thanks again, new to the dabsss
  5. Well thats kind of subjective as smoothness and taste often require less of one and more of the other..what i mean is generally a "smooth" rig usually isn't as tasty as a rig with lesser diffusion. And obviously more diffusion equals more reclaim, or contents lost as you said. So it really depends on your personal preference and what matters most to you.
    If you are most concerned with taste and lack of lost errl; a simple two or three hole rig would be the most economical option. Beer glass is a good choice if you can find one. Or van tran makes some quality, affordable rigs. If smoothness is the priority i suggest something gridded. Sov, cycler, some kind of gridded showerhead bub, dg fritted disk. But be warned, heavy diffusion kills/diludes the taste of bomb oil, and the amount of reclaim will be significantly higher.
    As for a middle option, a closer balance of flavor and smoothness, i'd suggest like a b. wilson 6 arm, or some other sci. bubb with medium diffusion.
  6. BIggest concern is for content lost..wanna be able to get all my reclaim out if thats a possibly, like I said new to BHO and trying to gain knowledge.

    Taste isn't as big of a factor because i dont get the craziest top of the line oil.

    I dont need something thats soft on the lungs i can handle a harsh hit but i dont want something that will kill you every time, THANKS!
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