Oil Bubbler Rig Resin Safe To Smoke?

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  1. I heard an oily film on top of the water of a BHO piece is bad and means you don't change the water enough. What about this?

  2. So whats your question? Is it safe to smoke reclaim? or are you asking about the oily film? Reclaim is safe to smoke, its essentialy condensed vapor with maybe a bit more fats & waxes than your starting product. Depending on the quality of your errl the taste can be somewhat tolerable or completely repulsive, but never good. It is really stoney though, as its been decarbed, so expect a groggy, tired high.
    And i assume the film your talking about is just oils from the reclaim. If it has a rainbow sheen it might be solvent
  3. There's no rainbow sheen, just a thick pancake like layer of oil on top of the water.
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  5. How about changing the water out every use? Or just rinse with acetone.  I wouldn't worry about it and just clean it.

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