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Ohio White Rhino

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by facewad4, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. Just picked up a quarter of some white rhino

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  2. Looks dank man I always see some sticky ass lookin' buds coming from Ohio
  3. looking nice and frosty there sir
  4. how much did it run you OP? Looks exotic regardless
  5. fuck yea. ive done a fair bit of travel and it stacks up to any state besides the obvious (cali, colorado etc etc)
  6. A little bit wet still ya? still dank and nice pick up.

    enjoy the fire.
  7. White Rhino?
    I got a level 36 Blastoise and my character Ash Ketchum has 5 Poke`badges.
    I'm hoping to upgrade from Gameboy Color to Nintendo DS by summer of [20]'13 :D
    Is that what you wanted to read?
    Is THIS the kind of response you were hoping for making this thread?
    I could have said "Oh, White Rhino- I got some Black Grizzly."
    But I didn't, I boasted about my Poke`points instead.
    Silly me:rolleyes:
  8. That 4 gram nug looks fucking spectacular!!

  9. All I heard was "Oregon, Oregon, Oregon" :D :p

  10. Well then you're hearing things, you should get that checked out man. haha just playin, never really thought about oregon bud tho, just too occupied in cali i guess :smoke:
  11. #12 facewad4, Mar 27, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 27, 2012
    It costed me $90.

    Actually it is a little bit dry, I can never get my bowls to stop burning. It is some damn potent stuff though. I get better bud than this sometimes which I will put up next time I get some.
  12. Thats a nice pickup dude, looks hella frosty and dank as hell. Plus some rep
  13. Why you gotta hate man?
    It's called stash jar for a reason smart one.

    "Stash Jar This forum is where you can discuss and post pictures of your current stash as well as specific strains. You can also post about where you smoke your stash, too."

  14. Dude, do me a favor and STOP, please.
    I was just messing around. No hate.
  15. What part of Ohio. I'm in Ohio and you're one lucky man! Smoke up
  16. Seems like a really good pick-up man. Enjoy it.
  17. Toledo

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