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Ohio Purp

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by ice1017, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. This is some shit that I got for 55 a (shorted) eighth. Either way this stuff is really good and is one of the best cured buds Ive came across in awhile.

    And yes, I know there is a hair on one of the buds haha

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  2. Looks great man, nice pickup!
  3. lookin good.

    love the color shades.
  4. Pretty nuggets lol
  5. haha thanks everyone!!
  6. where at in ohio?
  7. The Ohio purp is nothing like bay area purp! But good pic up
  8. Amazing! You got shorted by how much? A bowl? so it weighed to around 3g? That's Gay as Fuck... dont buy from him/her apparently ;)... if your people dont know weights FUCK EM... seriously... and that weed is dank...

    id smoke it up in a hurry to forget about how ripped off you got :eek:... and i pay 35-40/eighth... 70-75/q for chronic like this... not quite as dank... i love having FRIENDS that are not faggots about selling marijuana... your guy is not a friend apparently :eek:

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