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**ohio g13 bomb**

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Zwackey50, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. whats goin on GC. i just picked up a fat quarter of G13 straight from a clone. this is hoenstly the best ive ever had. hope you enjoy the pics :smoke:

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  2. Tht shit looks crazy, like its got pubes
  3. good looks man! i've only had g13 one time, and it was really wet lol.
  4. dude i dont know what is it about this bud. its fucking magical. its the best shit ive ever had.
  5. and the best thing is i know the grower very well. my prices are just right. and its 100% organic
  6. Your buddha looks incredible! :smoke:

  7. I just got some G13 today from a friend of mine who's got a clone too:hello:
  8. was that a seed right next to the nug?

  9. definitely not lol
  10. what part of ohio?
  11. a fat quarter huh? nice bud
  12. Looks like some good. Also looks a lil airy? Was it?
  13. im in the northern part of ohio, and yeah it is definitely a fluffy bud ! its so so nice. i'm gonna go play my martin and get in touch with my right brain. ha ha .
  14. Looks phat ass.
  15. by the look of the hairs id say its probably going to b an up or head high............
    im wondering if it was pulled early or it just gets regrowth
  16. im gonna say pulled early there DB, he said it was his vacation bud...its an everything kinda stone. one minute ill be hard body stone then next minute ill be trippy/energetic mind stone.
  17. I had lemon g13. It was hands down the best shit I've smoked. I live in a suburb of columbus. We have good weed flow here
  18. yeah lemon g is incredibly dope shit, im actually about to be cutting my lemon g here soon. and let me tell you that its fucking amazing looking. its covered in crystals and reeks of lemons and weed.
  19. how do you grab straight from a clone?
    looks good though.

  20. My guy grows it and he owns a mother plant and takes cuttings from it and then those cuttings and their clones have the same genetics as the mother plant. which is g-13. he also has a lemon g mother plant.

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