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Ohio DANK pickup

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by deadhead4-2-0, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. just picked up a g of this payed 10 bucks she called it retard it smells just like tea and has a nice sweet taste
  2. small sticky nugs, looks yum.

  3. Its pretty nice dude.. Ohio has some nice bud.
  4. looks pretty okay. thick huge trichs.
  5. What part of OH you from?
  6. Damn man, nice grab.
  7. lookin good man
  8. im up in lake county heres a couple more nug shots
  9. that lemon looks exactly like the lemon g i picked up a few weeks ago.. im in akron
  10. Nice pick up for 10 $:hello:
  11. That "dumpster" looks amazing, how'd it smoke?
  12. Damn you gata know somone to get that for 10 a g
  13. That stuff looks so good and for 10 a gram. DAMN :)
  14. Maybe you thought what she was calling you was the name of the weed cause that looks like no gram
  15. I visit Ohio often, I've always heard about the dumpster strain, i'd love to try sounds / looks incredible!!!
  16. legit im also from lake county its easy to find dank dro around here
  17. how come i live super close to lake and i have never gotten my hands on dumpster.

    i supposedly had it before in a mix bag but damn im trying to smoke ohios og strain mang!
  18. i think someone said they liked the dumpster so i figured i would post a couple more pics very good indica one of my favorites

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