Ohhhhhhhhhh noooo my city banned jenkem!!!!

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  1. Ohttp://www.qctimes.com/news/local/article_d3d96d82-9b5a-11de-81bb-001cc4c002e0.html

    Just when I thought the police here couldnt get any slower they ban a fake drug....:rolleyes:

    Redington said the city decided to add "organic" to the law because they have heard of people huffing something known as "jenkem." That is a gas produced by allowing feces and urine to ferment in a jar in the sun, then people suck the gas out with a balloon, he said.
    Although the Bettendorf police never have encountered such an incident within the city limits, Mack thought "organic" should be added to the ordinance anyway.

    Another news report about a month was about "Kush" a potent form of marijuana that produces a high like crack...
  2. sadly jenkem isnt a fake drug
  3. i heard making a piss and shit cocktail and drinking it gets you way more fucked
  4. Jenkem.. what the fuck. Just when I thought human beings could not get any more stupid...


  5. This is true...it's the saddest part of the whole Jenkem thing...I actually knew a kid who did it. He said it got him fucked up, but that it wasn't enjoyable or anything. I lost a lot of respect for him, but people will do basically anything to get high when they are desperate.
  6. why would someone wanna huff Fecal Gas..
  7. Ive smoked crack - kush is not like crack:smoking:

  8. Because they've gotten to the point where they don't care what it is, just as long as it get's them high they'll do it...the kid I knew who did it was a heroin addict in a rehab where you couldn't really get any drugs...he wasn't the first one there to huff something stupid, just the first (and only I hope) one to huff fermented fecal matter.
  9. Isn't 'Kush' a category of weed and not a specific strain?

  10. ya dude its a "category"

    NOTTTTTTTTT. look up the word category as it pertains to species :rolleyes:
  11. I think if people are rediculous enough to do this they should be killed.

    Maybe im extreme but really, what the fuck!
  12. are you fucking kidding me...

    I think it's sad. I pity kids who do things like Huff axe, choke out, and fucking huff fumes from rotting shit...

  13. So let me get this straight, they're saying Kush produces a Crack Cocaine like high?


    I can't even find the words...

  14. Oh there was a five minute thing on it. I was blazed as hell and laughing my ass off my dad kinda looked at me and was like...."YOUR ON KUSH ARENT YOU" then started laughing.

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WNPLIlbsW6E"]YouTube - Congress Warns: New "Super Pot" as Dangerous as Crack Cocaine[/ame]

    It was the same shit their saying in this video haha.
  15. I'm gonna call up my guy and ask if he has a shipment of 'super pot' in.
  16. its true. i smoke crack and kush together all the time..

    nothing like breakin up some good ol rock cocaine and mixing it with some kief then rolling it in a blunt. m m m!
  17. I should become a jenkem dealer. Start shittin' out dollar signs :D
  18. haha that video increased my buzz 10 times
  19. Good, they should also make people caught doing this drink said sewage cocktail to discourage retarded shit like this.

    What the fuck ever happened to just smoking a bowl when you want to get high, or god forbid doing something just a little harder that you most likely won't get caught for if you aren't a fucking idiot.

    Kids these days do the stupidest shit nowadays because it's "legal"

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