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  1. these are 2 different plants
    the yellow one has been like this for a couple weeks now.
    the green one just happened whithin the last 3-4 days.
    please help me fix this problem quickly before it gets worse!!!

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  2. I believe this is PH related, maybe Iron or Sulphur def, pretty uncommon yet Ive seen 3 this week
    Suspect you need to work closely with me here this is a good oprtunity so we can learn something , we will sort this out .....but I want you to do a couple of things one step at a time to sort this out

    go see this video I just did first: http://ganjaguerrilla.net/PH & Flushing.WMV

    To rule out PH related issues complete a soil runoff PH test.......
    with PH corrected water (6.5-6.8PH ) pour enough water in the pots so the water runs out the bottom of the pot ...collect & test the PH of this runoff water....

    post the soil runoff PH ..

    we will test with theses things later but get prepared
    get some epsom salts for a source of sulphur
    get a couple rusty nails or rusty iron of any sorts and soak in some water(we need some rusty water)
  3. I cant do it tonite, but tomorow @ 6pm when my lights come on
    ill check it out & let you know the results.
    my secret location is @ the other side of city that I live in.
    and I just got back from there, sooo I dont wanna be seen comin and goin to often if you know what I mean!
    thanx for the reply so soon!

    What about the green plant??????????
  4. yeah looks like sulfur to me too. as for the green one you might be over watering, since they arent actually curling i dont think its over-fert but i could be wrong.
  5. OK Ganja, I did the test like you said, and the results are as follows.
    first off, I used straight water Ph'd @ 6.8
    then I drenched two of my plants {1 big one/1 small one} and collected 250ml of runoff from each.
    the big one's runoff was 5.3 {I know thats low}
    the small one's runoff was 5.7 {also way too low}

    now that I did the test, I know that I need to leach my soil,
    so Im gonna do that tomorrow, but how exactly should I do this
    to get the correct reading, and how often should I perform the runoff test?

    Also, what would cause the Ph to drop down so low, and what can I do to prevent it from happening again?

    Thanx in advance!!!
  6. go to my site (see link below ) click the streaming video link and watch the PH & flushing video I just made, it will resolve all the questions & uncertainty

    while your working on the plant flushing for the PH issues , add 1 tabelspoon epsom salts (contains 13% sulphur) to a litre of water

    spray 1 plant, drench it, undersides of the leaves aswell, take the rest of the solution and add it to the last gallon of the flush.....the foliar feeding with the sulphur will begin to speed the process up while you wait for the roots to recover from the PH and the systemic process begin

    if this doesnt work & Im pretty sure it will, and you dont want to mess around anymore at this point I understand simply feed the plant with 50% strength general ferts that contains micro nutes , now that the PH has been corrected the roots will begin taking the nutes it needs

    if you still have some patients please try spraying 1 plant with rusty water strained thru a coffee filter...I would really love to Isolate that defencey with out a doubt, its not common & thats a couple of terriffic photo examples
  7. +rep Ganja, I never knew that Ph could jump around so easily....wow!
    I did the test exactly the same way as you did in your video, so Im confident that Im headed in the right direction.
    As for my big flush that I gotta do tomorrow, I'll be doin it with ease on my mind knowing that it shouldnt happen to me again!

    how much chronic do you think my garden should produce if everything is in check with 6 1000 hps, using the SoG technique, but with everything comin down all at once?
    using White Rhino........

    1 more ??? should I be using uvb bulbs, and if so when do you think I should introduce them???
  8. UVB has some seriously promising reasearch behind it in trichome production, idk if you caught the post that was on here earlier with a link to a youtube video about it. its got some great info. ill be back in a minute with a link.

    Edit: NVM lol you saw the link. saw your post there.
  9. Ive already watched the video, and was intrigued by it.
    thats why Im asking more about it.
  10. Im not familair with these lites, I use metal hilides and hps , I am interested in buying some T5's and testing them, if I can find a source with a good price.
    If you have a link for the specs of the uvb's Im interested

    it was great timing the PH meter went bad in the video on me, it emphasizes the importance of a chemical PH test kit or second meter for backups

    show me the pics of the whole plants, if you want a guesstimate
  11. lights on @ 6pm so......after my big flush, and itll prolly take me a couple of hrs, Ill take a shitload of pics for ya to look @.
    I have a couple of plants in the same room that have buds on them,
    but I think the ph problem is causing them to stunt, cause they
    are about 10%-15% the size of everything else!!!
  12. Ok Ganja , heres where Im @......
    used room-temp water, no nutes, ph'd @ 6.8
    1st flush-------PH=5.3 3rd flush------PH=5.4
    5th flush------PH=5.5 7th flush------PH=5.6
    9th flush------PH=5.7 11th flush-----PH=5.8
    13th flush-----PH=6.0 15th flush-----PH=6.0
    17th flush-----PH=6.0 20thflush-----PH=6.0

    How come it stopped @ 6.0?
    lined up my pots, 6 rows of 5, watered each row 20 times,
    filling each pot to the rim, 2"+the water penetrates soil fast
    while filling because I warmed the water slightly
    using a watering wand with a hose and a sump pump.
    that was crazy....took me close to three hrs to do
    took some more pics a couple of every plant so check em out.
    sorry but I dont know how to post em large in the thread with
    the script!

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  13. here are some more, all from the same garden!!!
    also could my PH pen be fucked, I dropped into my rez last week,
    and it stopped working, so I immediately turned the power off and
    removed the batt. case then put it into my fresh air intake to
    dry out. now it seems to be fine, but maybe not, eh?

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  14. also I used my TDS pen after the flush, and it gave me the lowest possible reading
    is this not suprising?

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  15. Hey suspect

    you have a pretty good grow going there, a little PH troubles your getting a handel on

    a couple of them have nitrogen toxicity, very dark green and the classic claw, and with the PH so low Im sure we can attribute that to PH uncorrected ferts solutions

    which you now have a better understanding of, I think youll not have troubles from here on in:D

    how many different strains are you growing there
  16. White Rhino, White Widow, Sandy 69

    and as for ferts, I was using DNF but just bought this new stuff called Bigfoot Blossom A&B, and I ALWAYS check & correct the ph if need be before I water, so it cant be that, could it?

    but y would the ph stop rising beyond 6.0 after so many flushes?
    Im baffled! arent you?
    by the way Im using Promix HP as my growing medium, just so you know!
  17. Id guess its your pen, especially if you dropped it in the res, get a cheap chemy test kit to take a backup runoff reading,
  18. I already have 1 just like the 1 in your video, it tells me that my tap water is exactly 7.0 so I used it to calibrate my pen,
    is this acceptable?
    should I get a new pen?
  19. you must calibrate with 4.0 calibration solution & 7.0 calibration solution before you can read your ph meter with certainty check the instructions with your PH pen for calibrating, most ive owned you need to dial in both ends 4.0 & 7.0 calibrating solutions

    reading the water with chemy test arent as accurate within 10ths as a meter needs to be calibrated, I wouldnt rely on a meter thats isnt correctly calibrated or been dunked in the water
  20. Ok, so ill grab some buffer solution today and try to take
    a reading tonight!
    will keep you posted!

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