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Oh yes, 86% THC GOLD!!!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Count, May 24, 2010.

  1. [​IMG]


    This stuff is scary good. First of all, it doesnt add any harshness to the smoke and is incredibly smooth to the lungs and throat because there's absolutely NO contaminants. This was made in a chemistry lab! Secondly, it adds a candy-like sweetness flavor that makes any bum weed taste like it's been grown and cured by god himself. And thirdly, this high is ridiculous. You expect it to hit you immediately upon exhale, but all you notice is the sweet flavor and the incredible smoothness. The high just keep going and going and just when you've hit your threshold, it breaks down the door and takes you higher and higher! I smoke multiple hash-laden bowls a day, and I have an extremely high tolerance. Smoking this made me feel like I was high for the first time! By the end of the night, my cheeks hurt for smiling so much lol.

    The packaging says it all. $60 a gram, but this shit is worth it.
  2. how can i buy or make this stuff?
  3. WTF.....

  4. i neeeeeeeeeeeeeed some
  5. I. Will. Smoke. This. One. Day.

    mark my words.
  6. so it's just hash oil? I don't believe that it is anywhere near the percentage levels they're trying to say, they're absolutely full of shit...
  7. its oil

    and you can say whatever you want but i smoked it, i know the collective that sells it is a legitimate research collective, as they are one of the first and legal cannabis dispensaries in los angeles
  8. the place is called cornerstone research collective, unfortunately they dont accept new patients

    all i know is that the owner of the place said it was made through a supercritical extraction process
  9. holyyy crapp man, i would love a review of someone who just drenched a bud in that, and smoked it. that would be an unbelievable high. + rep man

  10. what methods of testing do they use? I'm sorry, but dispos/collectives are jokes in California especially when it comes to "cannabinoid profiles" and testing like this. Not trying to be a dick, I was just curious as to why people still pay $60/hour for regular old honey oil from snake oil salesmen in this day and age.

  11. They don't, they pay $60/GRAM. Haha. But yes, I agree.
  12. ^lol beat me to it
  13. i dont blame you, but people tend to judge other places without knowing anything about it. how do you know it's not legit? are you a super chemist? u can read up their website what they're about:

    Cornerstone Research Collective

    and they get all their research here:
    CMCR» Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research
    International Association for Cannabis as Medicine

    you have no right to judge whether my collective owner is a "snake oil salesman" nor whether paying 60/g is too much or too little. you don't know what my ailments are. you don't know who these guys are. you don't even know the process of producing this oil. im just saying that maybe you should try to learn something first before you start making asinine judgments.
  14. #15 halfdome, May 24, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 24, 2010

    :mad: sounds like u dont know shit about cali...lab quality is available in oaklands HARBORSIDE collective,u can get anything u grow or make (kief, hash, hash oil, etc...) tested there (they also test the bud they buy first )...and 60$ is a good price for this your research first next u know wtf you r talking about p.s.i know this from personal experience as i've grown 4 several co-op's in oakland(2of the 4)& also grew 4 magic dragon in santa barbra co. the're on top of their game in cali....:smoking::smoking::wave:
  15. ok now im angry
  16. thank you! bro ive been to magic dragon and they are the shit! love the professionalism there
  17. yeah mike & mello are good peeps,you've smoked my bud if u got anything off the outdoor organic menu board as it was all my stuff.white widow,ak-47,purple kush,hindu skunk my ak kief & hash...sorry i'm a proud
  18. first of all, can i just say that im honored that you graced my thread!? ive picked up so much off the organic menu of that ak and purp.... soooooo good for my ailments i want to thank you first hand for the comfort, clam, and peace you've brought to my life.
  19. you're very welcome that kind of appreciation & relief is what medical cannabis is all about. so thank you & your welcome...damm got me all choked up,emotional &shit guess i'm gonna hafta smoke some o the hindu & get happy....p.s.the dragon is in search of a new location & will re-open this fall!!!!:yay:look for more purple kush & ak then...hoping to keep at least 10 strains up on outdoor organic menu this year ...may'be i'll see ya there.

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