oh so close call

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  1. yeah so after a month t-break, my friend called me and said he got some dank he wants me to try so he come picks me up. unfortunately his high ass forgot the piece at his house so i had to make a water bottle bong and yah it was alright. but some of our other friends called us while we were cruisin and said there was a party so were like shit lets hit it up. on our way there we figured one more bowl in her neighborhood. so were drivin around and i got the bottle up to my mouth about to hit it and a cop just drives by. he turns around and my friend is like fuck we gotta get rid of the weed. so im like alright and start burnin more cus you know im gettin rid of it :smoking: the cop didnt even pull us over he just followed us till we got to our friends house. i was tweakin..that was some dank weed boy
    and i swam for the first time ever high. and watched halfbaked
  2. wow....That scared the shit out of me
  3. You're so high.

  4. haha lmfao i would have done the same thing too.
  5. halfbaked is a great movie high.:hello::smoking:

  6. Hahahahaha i laughed out loud. :)

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