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Oh Snap...Pretty smooth grow, fantastic buds = low yield??

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by justcallmesir, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. Ok so my journal may be dead but my grow is still active (forgive me for not updating it...had big fam problems, long story.)

    Anyway. I've grown some great quality buds. WW's (seedsman) LOADED w/ trichs. like seriously. you don't even need a microscope to see them. the leaves almost appear as if they're "glowing" since theres a definitively thick layer of trichs surrounding the edges ;)

    buds look amazing. no real nute/deficiency/overdose or any real stress however im noticing my yields are very low.

    i did 10 plants (2 in 1 gal buckets) and 8 in 3gal pots spread between 2 600w hid lights (one hps, one mh). My yields look terrible so far after harvesting 2 out of 10 plants. my net yield from my first two plants is 35g's...not good for 2 3gal pots at all.

    one was a bubblegummer and the other was white widow. the bubble gummer was like 22g's and the ww was only 15 or so grams.

    WTF?!?! i yielded 1lb (16 zips) from 10 3gal pots last go around with 2 600w hid's...the bulbs are brand new btw as the others were wearing out so its DEFINITELY NOT that.

    I don't know what could be wrong. no issues during growing/flowering except for 2 plants i haven't harvested yet.

    im use to seeing at least 2-3zips a plant...best ever was 4zips a plant.

    just over a zip for 2 plants in 3gal pots is unusual and almost how good i did my FIRST time growing (been at it a few yrs)...

    so wtf is up if this pattern holds then i stand to yield 5-6zips from 10 plants under 1200w.

    im really at a loss for words right now. my ww's are dense but my yield is down.

    usually when you do something incorrectly and get a low yield the bud quality suffers as well...these look phenomenal and probably the top 2-3 (as far as bud quality goes) best looking buds ive grown.
  2. blame it on the genes and stress during grow. Since your sure it dint show no nute burn or need, and you used the right ph water and checked the ph, used big pots, and had good lights. Might have been the temperature, or humidity that stressed your plants out, or it could most likely be the genetics of the seeds, and where you got them from. Might hav been the carbon dioxide levels too, low CO levels equals low yield and slow growth.
  3. U got a pound from 10 indoor plants, why are you whining.

  4. yeah. i did...but not this time...not even close...at the rate im going i going to yield 5 zips. thats TERRIBLE for 1200w & 8plants in 3 gal pots plus 2 in 1 gal pots.

    I do feel honored to nail an lb harvest but thats the past you know? if i really only get 5 zips it'll be the WORST ive ever done. You also gotta factor in the costs of the grow. the numerous bags of soil, numerous trips to the hydro store for nutes (i feed at a 1:1 water:soil raito so it goes quick and its not cheap (grown organically which means more $$$ on nutes).

    Honestly i guess i am whining but i feel i have the right to since ive done SO much better than this. i know its only 2 plants harvested out of 10 but i dont expect to have 4oz suckers in there as none look at much better than the two i harvest.

    idk i wanna blame the genes but 4 strains, 1200w, 3 gal buckets = 5 oz...yeah maybe for someone's first grow. hell even my first grow had a better bud:watt ratio

    i did everything as i always do. not much experimentation except when the hydro store ran out of a nute i was using..had to get something else but that shouldn't have effected the yield THAT much. it didnt shock them during the switch...nor did the stunt growth after the new nutes were applied. they stayed consistent.

    The fact they look so good makes me wonder what it could be. flowing went smoothly...they got a 30 day veg...etc.

    The Jack 33 is my only dud. looked strong during veg (most growth/vigor) but during flowing gave me really fluffy buds..the WW's are pretty damn dense and have so many trichs its insane...might be my best looking buds in terms of trich production. usually plant issues/mistakes = less trichs...airy buds. etc.

    my only issue is yield. the quality is amazing and i havent even smoked it yet...i can get tell it is (i'll same tomorrow night probably a 0.5 and thats it till its all done getting chopped/cured)

    sorry for the rant guys.
  5. Oh my bad I didn't read the whole thread, I thought u just harvested a P and you were angry cuz you didn't get more.
  6. lol its understandable. this is a stoner forum. i misread sometimes too.

    i thought you were like, "you got 5 zips w/ 2 600watters how greedy r u?"

  7. by the way...thats what frustrates me even more is the fact i got some of the best looking buds (especially trich-wise) but the smallest yield (so far) by a long shot. thats what doesnt add up. 5 zips (at this rate) but top shelf buds. doesnt add up. to me anyway unless the seedsman WW is a notoriously low yielder but i believe its 400g per sq meter...

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