Oh shit.

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  1. ok, i was at my friends house on the weekend and i went into his older brothers room with my friend and took his THC from his grinder, and he knows it was me and he wants 10$ or hes going to beat the shit out of me, and im a tiny guy and this guy is fucking tank. should i give him 10$, do you think he still will beat me up? IT WAS BARELY AND THC IN THERE WTFUCKS.
  2. holy shit, my friend just texted me and said the older brother, knocked him out and punched him.. D=
  3. So why'd you take his THC.

    Don't do the crime if you can't do the time. Imo.
  4. i needed it for a flaming THC shot d=
  5. Don't pay him.

    You deserve the ass kicking.
  6. I would just kick your ass, if i were him. Straight up.
  7. This.
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    thanks faggots, yknow instead of acting tough do you want to give me some help? it was like not even a 10th of a gram of THC.

    This kind of behavoir/name calling is not accepted on the City. - KSR
  9. You still never smoke a dudes weed without permission. Name calling is not gonna get you anywhere.

  10. r u retarded? it wasnt weed first of all, it was the white stuff from the weed, second of all i didnt smoke the weed that was in the grinder, i only took like a 10th of the white shit inside and drank it with vodka.
  11. put on some dark shades and walk around with one of those long canes with a red tip like you are blind. Tell your friend that you went blind due to an untreated case of glaucoma, or make something crazy up....

    who would hit a blind guy?
  12. I dont like that word. You do deserve the ass-kicking buddy.
  13. just pay up homie.

    unless your are not in a good standing financially, 10 bucks isn't that much money.

    It's better than public humilation with a black eye and cuts all over your face yaknow? Unless you wanna deal with all the random starings from stranger wondering who kicked your ass.

    It's definitely worth paying up. Shit, maybe you can just buy him a dime bag as a piece offering or something.

    Pay up
  14. you took someone elses property, apologize or something?

    learn your lesson form this too.
  15. What did you think this thread would accomplish lol????
  16. You want help? Don't take other people's belongings.

    Quit complaining about the replys you get aswell. What did you think a bunch of weed smokers would react like?
  17. Flaming THC shot? please go into detail
  18. No, I am not. What you did was pretty fucking retarded though if you ask me.
  19. Wear a helmet.
  20. I don't like to get religious, but one of the Ten Commandments is "Thou shalt not steal" and the unwritten but equally as important as the first 10 11th Commandment is "Thou shalt steal a friend's drugs", so you broke two Commandments, dude. Pay up. I don't like violence, and not giving in would cause such.

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