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Oh Shit!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by namron_420s, Aug 5, 2003.

  1. i just informed sensi's mom that i was stoned...in a sad..sad..sad way...heres the convo....

    someone beat me with a stick.

    [23:34] squealflute: will you have my babies?
    [23:34] sensimil: i think not, lol
    [23:35] squealflute: hey, cant say i never offered...ya know..i am the only one that can carry on my family name
    [23:35] sensimil: already have my own!
    [23:35] sensimil: ...........cute
    [23:36] squealflute: lol
    [23:36] squealflute: but i really am the only one that can
    [23:37] sensimil: well, i can't help u, no more housing
    [23:38] squealflute: damn...
    [23:38] sensimil: :)
    [23:38] squealflute: true..you do have lenny in some sort of machinery..i cant quite remember at this current state of mind, at this current state of mind....IN this current state of mind, i cannot remember what it is that lenny is in'
    [23:39] sensimil: huh?
    [23:40] squealflute: lenny...in some sort of vending machine or something..i dont remember
    [23:40] sensimil: oh yeah, i know what u mean
    [23:40] squealflute: oh
    [23:40] squealflute: hmm
    [23:41] sensimil: so, whats goin on?
    [23:41] squealflute: im just really stoned
    [23:42] sensimil: cool
    [23:42] squealflute: SO TELL ME about this knee of yours....apologies for the caps LOCk
    [23:43] sensimil: sensimil can fill you in on that, i'm just under her name because i can't get on under my name
    [23:43] sensimil: ..............................................sorry
    [23:44] squealflute: oh..well..then thats probably EXACTLY why you did not understand of this lenny
    [23:44] sensimil: lololol
    [23:44] sensimil: yeah
    [23:44] squealflute: would it be rude of me to ask who it is that i am talking to?
    [23:44] sensimil: but that's ok it was fun
    [23:44] sensimil: her mom
    [23:44] sensimil: it's all cool
    [23:44] squealflute: ....OH MAN...
    [23:44] sensimil: don't worry
    [23:45] squealflute: thats just terrible
    [23:45] sensimil: no it's not
    [23:45] squealflute: lol
    [23:45] squealflute: yes..it is
    [23:45] sensimil: come on, lighten up
    [23:46] sensimil: just tell her we talked when you do talk to her
    [23:46] sensimil: lol
    [23:46] squealflute: well...i think im about as lightened up as it gets then
    [23:46] sensimil: oh yeah, lol
    [23:46] squealflute: well, hello sensis mom..im norm
    [23:47] sensimil: ok, i'm gonna go, it was nice chatting, maybe we'll talk again
    [23:47] sensimil: hi norm
    [23:47] squealflute: lol, allright..nice meeting you:p
    [23:47] sensimil: u 2
    [23:47] sensimil: bye
  2. lmao

    *beats namron with a stick*

    Sensimom seems cool :p
  3. thats hot.... you hit on her mom....:)

    and besides that all i can say that is ..... if it had to happen from someone..... it should have deffinitly been you....

    nice goin all-star..... :D
  4. ...well..at least wait til i can see the stick coming goddamnit!
  5. ...hmm...i wonder if sensimom is hot *ponder...ponder*

    ...now THAT is weird.
  6. That is classic....oh man...LOL

  7. milf.....:D

    maybe it runs in the blood....
  8. i guess ive just gotta throw myself at the ground and miss.
  9. hehehe,....now heres some of the good crapola ive been missing. next time you talk to sensi's mom tell her we all said hi
    cool mom sensi :)

  10. ..you asked my mom if she would have your babies...

  11. well norm, you have definetly out did yourself!! I cant believe it took me this long to come across this thread.. lol, gravy had to point it out to me!!
    *wipes tears of laughter from eyes*
    well Ill tell you what, she is one cool lady. it probably made her night. lol, I know her, she'll be talking about it at work today.
    *catches breath*
    it certainly does run in the family..Ill tell you that much. in many ways...shes a hot ticket, my dad thinks and her close girl, friend thinks too ;)

    she knows Im pretty much a pot head when I can be. so that didnt shock her, im sure the baby thing did, WAY TO OPEN UP WITH THAT!! lmao... but she also knows how wacked i am, and prettymuch I surround myself with the kind. :p

    this made my day, I havent seen her yet, im sure she will say something, or maybe not..she knows how much I hate it when talks under my name...so if she doesnt say anything im gonna play her out on it then call her out on it...lol, I was thinking of playing you, but she seemed too okay with it all to be like norm!, you got me in trouble!!! lol...

    I never really leave my password stored in to log on, but yesterday I did cause I was having trouble signing on..and I forgot to take it out. blah! lol or I can keep it in if you want to talk to her more..but dont push the baby thing, shes all tied up lol...unless you want to go the adoption way. lmao..that would be funny as hell...why dont I just give you her aim name? you guys can go to town...

    ..need more coffee...

    ...Irish coffee....



  12. LMAO!!!! that's funny! sound like your moms pretty cool sensi! hahahaa .
  13. hahahahaha lmao thats so great!

  14. norm, this cracks me up..

    theres something wrong with my mom lol...she KNOWS about LENNY??? im worried....should I be worried?


    mslb, if she see someone im me and shes there or whatever, she usually does say oh this is her mom..but for some reason, this time she felt the need to talk to norm..lol I guess she wanted to know where this baby propsition would go.. lol
  15. WHY MEEE!!!

    oh man..oh man..i was so super freakin stoned last night it was unbelievable...and i go off and do somethin like that:S



    so your moms attractive huh?:p
  16. lol..she seems pretty kewl though
  17. yeah shes got a decent sense of humor..when shes not completely off the deep end lol :)

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  18. sensi...oi, im stoned, and you put that there, and for about 10 minutes I was trying to close that aim window...lol

  19. ooooh man...
    I dont think ive ever laughed so much in a thread before..

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