Oh Shit!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by theVirtuoso, Sep 30, 2007.

  1. Haha, well... I smoked some Purple Kush this morning, around 10am... continued smoking bongs all day. This guy I met recently but is friends with my good friends said he had E. Now I haven't done E in a few months, and now I'm off SSRIs so I know Itll be a LOT cheaper to roll real gooood.

    So now, here I am... rolling pretty hard, high... get a call from my dad asking me if I remember that I agreed to go with them to my aunt's for dinner... FUCK!

    Well... I already skipped out on so many family gatherings so I couldn't say no, and I couldn't be in a worse situation... my pupils are HUGE, but I can act straight... but this whole family is full of people in the medical field here around detroit.

    Wish me luck everyone! I'm not too worried, I just think its a funny situation. I'll just make sure I don't get noticed and if they say something about my pupils I say its my medication (Seroquel).
  2. lol good luck man. Hopefully that Purple Kush will be making it out to the west side. It's been at least 2 years since I've had any kind of kush plant.

  3. Haha, all went well... actually way better than normal lol. I'm usually the quiet one, but not this time :D

    And the Purple Kush is from a grower I recently met and it just finished. The rest of the plant is still drying/curing, he gave me n a friend that to try.

    and BTW... Im right by you, man... I grew up in Detroit, now I'm just outside of it.
  4. I'm not actually in Detroit anymore, I just use it as reference. If I tell people who arent from the area that I live in Farmington Hills, I just get a confused look. I am probably going to move back east sometime this year though, I just dont have the cash to live out here.
  5. lol my friend told me a story the other day similar to this.

    He said he forgot about promising one of his friends to go play paintball.
    He ate a pill and about 5 minutes after he gets a call asking him to go play. he's like SHIT.

    then decides to go out and play paintball rolling his ass off. lol.
  6. haha pills are fun
  7. I forgot to mention the funny thing that happened.

    One of my cousins kids had wooden building blocks... he put two together to form a T and started saying T while he held the blocks in the air.

    I had to smile... just thinkin about throwin up my T's for thizzles :hello:
  8. lol nice

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