Oh Shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Grasscity Forum Humor' started by Bud Head, Oct 18, 2002.

  1. I had a dream that I had my arm up a cows ass to my shoulder!!!!!!!!!

    Don't laugh, I was pulling your ass out!!!!
  2. hhahahahahahaha 16 views and only two replies....
  3. thanks Bud...it was dark in there.....

  4. HAhahahahahahaahLMAO!
  5. Let me have it babes!!!!!! I love that mojo!!!
  6. I need to get me one of those!!! SOOOOON!
  7. HAHAHALOL thats a good one critter.. 10,000 dollars an arm full ! hahahahsa
  8. So she was putting sperm up the cows twat! The things people do to make money.. Sounds like good money though!

    I have helped my grandfather do shit like that when he was alive. It's nasty but sometimes that the way you got to do it!
  9. ah hell Id do that for Id hate to say it but less than that! pushin spermies up a cows twat. haha. hell the way things been going for me that cow twat is the closest Ill be to one in a while..twat, in general..that is..

    anyway..where the hell is the pic?! i cannot see it!
  10. Hahhaha Butthead admitted he stuck his arm in a cows snatch ;)
  11. That the best twat a farmer can get!!!!lol

    Sensi come to Tennessee and i'll introduce you to several twats that are ripe for the eating....LOL
  12. sad, I can only imagine the vast number of butthead- cow babies that had to be killed in order for your little secret to stay on the down low ;)
  13. None of my cow-babies have been hurt in any way to save myself.. A few have been killed to eat though.. You may have eaten one of my babies if you eat stakes and hambergers!

    Best cow meat you can buy!
  14. Sad ;)

    mmmmm............. steak.
  15. I can tell how sad you are!

    What about piglets. You like piglets.





    hog jowl

    pickled pigs feet
  16. How can you not love bacon? Oohhhhhhhhh......... sweet greasy pig strips ;)

    Poor pigs. I explained the whole meat coming from animals thing to my little brother the other day, he didn't seem to mind. I try not to think about the poor little cute piggies and cows.
  17. Exactly everyone loves bacon..

    If you think of the meat and food thing to much you'll starve to death!!!!!
  18. Not with my trusty friend Mary always hanging around ;)
  19. Your right about that!

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