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Oh shit! Moments

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by rifefir, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. Have you guys ever had any oh shit moments with weed or when smoking?

    Once in highschool I was high in biology and was BAKED. We were watching a movie and all the sudden i felt really tired and started to put my head down. Before my head even touched the desk i was out like a lightbulb and my head hit the desk with a loud THUD! My teacher called me over to her desk and knew something was up but she just sent me back to my seat. Just when i thought i was in the clear about 3 security guards call me outside and take me to the office. Right before i walked into the office i acted like i had the scratch my balls and crotched my bud and little 1 hitter i had. The VP searched me but didnt find anything so then she kept trying to get me to admit i was high but i just kept denying so they let me go because they couldnt prove anything. The look in my teachers face when i walked back in with a huge smile was priceless.

    So do you guys have any stories? Feel free to share.
  2. Yee mine is ine highschool too i smoked like an eight by myself on lunch break and hadnt slept for days and lookked reallly ripped. The teacher says oh youre missing this book cuz i was new you have exactly 4 minutes 20 seconds to get it LOL. I was like shes foolin around or she is gonna get me in trouble. She never did and was cool with me passing out in class.

    Another oh shit moment was me walking with a girl i was suposed ot go eat lunch with to the parc where my friends waited for me with a joint to smoke for me as they were already high as fuck so i could enjoy dinner with the girl. :) i get near and i see them from like 200 meters and i see the princpal and another vp coming from the back on each side of the bench they were. I bolted the fuck outta there LOL
  3. I've told this story a few times, here we go :D

    So I'm smoking with one of my friends (who happens to be a girl) in a state park, all is fine and dandy we finish smoking then go to where my car is parked, chill out put eyedrops in, spray freshener etc. etc. So I look towards the entrance for some reason and I see a cop car pulling in. And keep in mind this is close to 10pm, so I'm tripping the fuck out. I start my car and I'm backing up and the cop has to back up too so I'm like we're fucked. I start to drive away and as I'm getting to the exit the cop pulls me over. Fuck. We start to flip out but I calm us both down saying I will do any of the talking. So the cop walks up and she (yes it's a girl cop haha) asks us about the other cars in the parking lot (a couple of Asians were in two mini vans when we pulled in the lot, they left their cars I guess.), so we tell her that and she warns us not to be in state parks after dusk. So we apologize and she leaves. Talk about lucky :D we got ice cream for that epicness :smoke:
  4. I've got another one that made my heart drop. So me and another friend are smoking together (another girl :hello: (the bad things always seem to happen with the girls -______-)) and we put my bubbler on my trunk. It's a Volvo S60 so it has a curve to the trunk. Anyways the bubbler was on there and I accidentally tap it and it slides down. My friend does an epic reach and grabs it out of the air. Keep in mind we're both high as fuck and my heart dropped as soon as this happened. (noooooooooo not my $80 bubbler!) it survived and I baby it since :smoke:
  5. This morning I was driving and there was a merge lane. Well, the fucker next to me was trying to get into my lane when there was absolutely no room to do so and ends up speeding up just as I started speeding up. The end of his merging lane was coming so he forced his way in with no regard to human life, causing my car to almost go head on into a car going the opposite direction of me. We were like 1 inch away from colliding.

    No one injured but wtf.
    Guys be careful when you merge!
  6. just finished a phat bowl and a cop drives by. we freak out and take off, cop follows us and pulls us over. almost had a heart attack. haha
  7. your teacher is a cunt for calling security
  8. Naw dude,TRUE story here,i was in my car blowin some stanky ass kush while i was just drivin around and i see a state trooper behind me,the guy pulls me over for a routine stop,now at this point im just scared sh*tless cuz i just put out a blunt,so i actually eat the lil stub that was left from my grape swisha,go to roll down the window and the trooper instantly knocks his head back from the here is the f*cked up part....he never said sh*t about it...i swear...i handed him my license,insurance and sh*t,and he lets me go about my merry way....almost sh*t myself,guess homeboy smoked too
  9. This actually happened a few days ago.

    So i was smoking in my apartment with the window open and what not and thought no big issue and then later that night my neighbor. He normally is pretty chill with me but he chewed my ass out that him his wife and there son smelled pot and what not and said he would call the cops if i do it again. So i kinda shrug it off and the next day im smoking again. Chilling with my blunt and all of a sudden i hear the pigs knocking on my door. Thought i was fucked i was baked out of my mind and i never opened the door and acted like i wasn't home and they went away. Very happy
  10. yo kushbomb same shit happened to me i was home alone and my dog ran away so my neighbors call the cops and im out in the shed smoking by myself its so smokey i hear someone in my yard and i look out two police knocking on my door. they left i never came out but they called my parents it was about our dog running away and getting in the neighbors yard
  11. One time me and my friend were driving in his car, which is a fairly nice car he bought used a few weeks ago. Anyways It stalls at a green light during rush hour and there are plenty of cars behind us. Meanwhile my friend is bugging the fuck out yelling because his car won't go and is rolling towards the other cars behind him, and we had just blazed and had a spoon and a bubbler and some greens in the dash and my pockets.

    he gets out of his car and yells at the guy behind him probably looking retarded as fuck. A lot of people went around him but a lot of others were stuck behind him. I get out and me and this other guy push his car to a parking lot and he turns his car off and it fixes hahaha. He was freaking out .. was pretty funny now that I'm recalling hahaha

  12. that happened to me when i picked up my brothers from school. i was on a hill and had low gas, stopped on the hill, car shook violently, crapped out on my, and alot of people were pissed. that was a pleasant afternoon.
  13. [ame=]Video: Oh Sh*t: Always Keep Your Eyes On The Road![/ame]
  14. Sitting on my front porch with my friends and the RooR. Middle of the day. Had some friends coming over soon and didn't want the house to reek. Cop stops in the road. Rolls window down.

    **Oh shit right**

    We wave. He waves back. Continues driving.
  15. that's badass man haha
  16. Like the one I had yesterday when I went grocery shopping.

    I had to make an effort to remove my debit card from one wallet and put into another so I could go to the grocery store. I checked/rechecked that I had everything, set it on the corner of the table, finished getting stoned so I could stand even walking into the grocery store let alone shop, grabbed my stuff and I was off.

    The entire time I am grocery shopping I am thinking to myself, "I am so glad that I am getting this over with." (I am obviously not a fan of this activity) Get to the check out, get my check out ON! exchange brief banter with the checker, went to get my card....WRONG WALLET!

    "OH SHIT!"
  17. Not really the same as these stories but anyways, made a gravity bong and accidentally pushed the socket through the top of the bottle into the water..... lol

  18. similar thing happened to me.
    I was smoking a J on the 2nd floor balcony making some BBQ and 2 cops walk by in the alley and the other sees me taking a hit and just smiles and I just smile back. :D
  19. going home from a movie with a friend (a girl) We just finished hotboxing.. all of a sudden I see a checkpoint. alot of o shits were said lol so I pull up to the check point roll my window down and he askd me if we been drinking. I know he smelled the weed so I just went ahead and told him we were just smoking, we were free to go :D
  20. I got one.

    Me and my friend were sitting in the forest right beside the trail hitting the bong when we hear something behind us, Me having the bong still in my hand went and checked to see what it was. I looked and saw 2 cops just strolling down the trail... Oh Sh*t! :eek:

    Me and my buddy ran deep into the forest and ended up running through a low flowing river.

    Worst sesh ever.

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