oh shit! am i screwed????

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  1. Okay, today i got into a litltle car accident. I stopped at a red light and a drunk driver didn't push the brakes fast enough and he hit the back of my car.

    We both pulled over and there was a couple of sratches at the back of my car .I was fukkin pissed and we was both arguining and I could smell the alchohal from his breath. I tried askin for his insurance number, home number or even asked to see his driver's license.

    He kept putting me off and got in his car and drove off. I was soooo fuckin pissed I notified the police. They now have his license plate number. Matter of fact, when he hit my car he left an imprint of his drivers plate number on my car!

    The officer said he'll "investigate and interview him." He asked if I would be able to identify him and i said "yes".

    My concern is, we'll they test me for drugs or alchoal as well? I don't drink so i'm not concerned about that, but i've been smoking weed everyday for the past 2-3 months.

    But I wasn't high when the accident ocured. I only smoke weed late at night before i sleep.

    Don't know if this was a good move or not. This is like doube edge sword situation right here. :(
  2. they wont, chill out

  3. you sure? Aiiight cause i'ma about to light one up and calm my ass down for a sec.
  4. You are perfectly fine dude, take that drunk driver down!
  5. amen to that brother i cant stand people who decide that they can drive when they cant even walk.. i mean really i know u feel fine but what about the person u jsut killed cause u didnt see em there fast enough?... (hypathetical)
  6. if you get hit from behind its the other persons fault and if this asshole had the ordasity to give you lip after your trying to solve this i would just have beat him up and tied him up, threw him in the back of the car and drive away lol boy i bet he would think twice before he did somthing assholish again eh? ;p

  7. LOL believe me I wanted to, but there was a crowd of people waking by cause i was cussing and yelling at his azz. He tried to play it off like he didn't hit anything. Where there's huge scratches at the back of my car.

    I was upset that he hit my car, it's minor though. I was surpised b/c he was driving a Ford Expedition.

    But when he left without giving any contact info (except scribbed jibberish of his full name, which i can't even read it.) that set things off.

    I was able to get a witness that saw him drive off and the officer took pictures of the imprint of his license plate # on my car.
  8. no man if you got assrammed then its not your fault.

    just don't smell like herb if you talk to them

    they have no reason to test you so you can chill
  9. i'm a calm calm person. haven't yelled at anyone in a coupla years. but i've never been in an accident by the fault of someone else and then had them talk shit about it or whatever.. i think i would go psycho and snap and pull off and throw it in reverse full speed at their car :D :D
  10. I remember when I was about 16 my mom was taking me and my boyfriend to one of our friends' houses, and we had to go through this set of curves, and one was the entrance and ext to a move theater (a BIG one) Well it just so happens that that particular street light was out (it was night time) and the theater had their sprinklers on. Well just as we got to the curve some dark car jults out from the theater exit, and we smashed right into the car, and some girl got out screaming at my mom, and I would like to say this, I have seen my mother pick up insects that bite her and she still will carry them outside vs. killing them (nothing poisoness of course) and I swear for the first and last time in my life, I honestly thought my mother was going to hit her! The girl's boyfriend got out and grabbed her and pulled her away. He kept saying, I'm sorry, she's just hysterical, this is her dad's car, she just got her licence the other day, yadda yadda yadda. It is quite amazing the person you become when someone refuses to take claim to something that was obviously their fault.

  11. This dooesn't have anything to do with your post.. but your mini profile thingy on the left.. the Location: Location: Location: Location: this is straight tripping me out me :) Nice work :) fuck I'm stoned...

  12. I think someone else is really tripping !!! LOL

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